Boston Market Is Turning Up The Heat With Its New Thai Rotisserie Chicken

There are plenty of things to eat at Boston Market, but the Colorado-based fast-casual chain is famous for its chicken. Originally known as Boston Chicken before its 1995 name change, the company's website explains that "awesome rotisserie meals" are still the heart of its mission. While customers will also find things like prime rib, house-made cornbread, and buttery mashed potatoes "that never see the inside of a freezer" on the menu, the primary aroma at any given Boston Market will be poultry, which roasts on a spit at the top of every hour. 

But for all its dedication to its original menu item, however, the company is not opposed to switching up its classic flavors. With Songkran (the festival that rings in the Thai New Year) coming up on April 13, Chew Boom reports that Boston Market has introduced a new recipe that amps up its signature rotisserie chicken with sweet and spicy ingredients inspired by the flavors of Thailand.

Red chili peppers star in the Sweet Thai Garlic Rotisserie Chicken

Chilis are prolific in Southeast Asian cuisine, and Thailand's traditional chicken recipes are no exception. From Khao Man Gai (poached chicken served with rice cooked in the rendered chicken fat, per The New York Times) to Nong Gai Op (roast chicken often paired with sticky rice and papaya salad, per Food Network), spicy chilis make great bedfellows with the fatty, savory flavors of chicken. 

To balance all that heat, Thai dishes often feature a sweet component, such as palm sugar or coconut milk. According to Chew Boom, Boston Market's new Sweet Thai Garlic Rotisserie Chicken takes on this classic Thai flavor profile by starting off sweet before giving way to a kick from garlic and red chili peppers. Garnished with sesame seeds, the new menu item offers a fresh take on your average Boston Market chicken. It's only available for a limited time, so get it while it lasts.