The McDonald's Breakfast You Can Only Find In Costa Rica

On those days when you wake up, head to work, and realize (with a grumble of your stomach) that you failed to eat the most important meal of the day, a pair of golden arches likely looms overhead as a reminder that you'll be able to take care of your early morning hunger soon enough. McDonald's is a haven for many early birds on their commute looking for a quick, if not sometimes a bit greasy, breakfast. The chain started serving breakfast back in 1972 following the invention of the famous Egg McMuffin, reports Time, and has since added everything from hotcakes, biscuit sandwiches, and classic hash browns to its morning menu.

And just like other McDonald's menu items, certain breakfast dishes are limited to select locations. For example, folks down in the Southern reaches of the United States may stumble across biscuits and gravy on the breakfast menu every so often, says Foodbeast. If you're living in New York or the Southwest, there's a chance you can purchase a steak and egg burrito (take that, Taco Bell!) from the golden arches if you're lucky enough, according to The Travel. In other countries, the breakfast menu gets even more different, as is the case in Costa Rica.

McDonald's Costa Rica serves gallo pinto

Add gallo pinto to the list of McDonald's foods you haven't tried yet — unless you've eaten breakfast at the chain in Costa Rica. According to TasteAtlas, gallo pinto is Costa Rica's national dish of rice, beans, and add-ins like cilantro, onions, and peppers. The dish likely originated in Nicaragua, and both countries serve up their own versions of the specialty today.

McDonald's Costa Rica's take on the celebrated dish is called the McPinto, which includes rice and beans served alongside a pair of tortillas and a dish of what appears to be sour cream. Per the menu, customers can amp up the entree with scrambled eggs or opt for a deluxe plate, which piles on sausage and fried plantains. Quite an impressive breakfast — and an example of a vegetarian complete protein at that. Of course, gallo pinto isn't the only local-inspired item served in Costa Rican McDonald's stores. When it's time for dessert, you can order a crispy pineapple pie.