The Coffee Brand That Wants To 'Biohack' Your Body

While some people might think that the red pill or the blue pill could open your mind to a new reality, employing the notion of "biohack" to health and wellness has surged in popularity. Although the term has been defined in various ways, The Atlantic discusses the concept in relation to blending tech with biology. Whether it is a supplement, particular technique, or paraphernalia, people use these methods to help their bodies reach their full potential.

In a recent announcement, Dave Asprey, the "Father of Biohacking," revealed that he is launching a new venture called Danger Coffee. While the name might not convey the calm morning beverage ritual, the idea is that this creation can do more than just boost energy levels. It looks to make a biological impact on the cellular level. Although these claims are founded on years of company research and analysis, it still begs the question of whether that cup of joe could really be the fountain of youth. Even if added minerals and nutrients are infused into those coffee beans, the reality of a magic pill can be difficult to swallow. But, for those who may want a little boost with that java, Danger Coffee might be a potential swap. At the same time, knowing where and how food arrives on the table can impact how your body responds. That idea isn't necessarily a supplemental biohack, but it is a component of a well-balanced lifestyle.

Could changing the morning coffee routine bring a fuller life?

In 2020, the National Coffee Association reported that in the U.S. coffee drinkers average about 3 servings every day. Over the years, various studies have touted the benefits and detriments of drinking coffee. While The New York Times examined a Harvard Study on the benefits of drinking coffee, one question was not necessarily addressed. Can a type of coffee have a further impact on a person's health? Danger Coffee claims it can help improve a drinker's mental and physical well-being.

"These beans deliver the good stuff (antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, micronutrients, and optimal fasting support) without bogging you down with the bad stuff you'll find in ordinary coffee," founder Dave Asprey said in a press release. The idea of a "biohack" coffee option may appeal to people who are looking to optimize their body's performance. While everyone should be able to agree that products that are purportedly good for you are a positive choice, the infusion of micronutrients might be lesser-known to many people. The brand's founder, Dave Asprey, has a strong argument for ensuring that coffee beans are free from unwanted additives, some people may not fully understand how and what the added micronutrients can do to their bodies. 

For now, maybe people will want to brew a cup of Danger Coffee and test the biohacking impact themselves. Although the brand touts that it can make you feel dangerously good, some people might want to tread cautiously into the coffee zone.