Krispy Kreme's April Fools Joke Has The Internet Cracking Up

No one knows its exact origin, but History claims that April Fool's Day has been celebrated around the world for centuries by amateur and professional hoaxsters alike, inspiring the smallest of tricks like switching the sugar for the salt, wrapping tape around a sink's sprayer hose to the most far-reaching of ruses. On the latter end, many major companies have taken to the internet in recent years in the hopes of going viral with their holiday pranks. 

Some of these capers have gone awry, like last year when the German automaker Volkswagen announced that it would be changing its name to "Voltswagen" upon the release of its first electric car model (via CNBC). 2018 brought a similar faux name-change announcement from IHOP, which tricked people into thinking it was changing its name to "IHOb" in order to promote its new burgers, per The New York Times

This year, the beloved donut chain Krispy Kreme decided to enter the April Fool's Day ring in the spirit of good, clean fun, leaving fans delightfully duped. 

Take a whiff of L'Original Parfum by Krispy Kreme

The April Fool's ad campaign released on Krispy Kreme's Facebook and Instagram pages this morning shows a glossy photo of "L'Original Parfum by Krispy Kreme," a donut-shaped perfume bottle with a gold cap that glistens against a red neon background. "Discover the timeless fragrance that is iconic, modern, and audacious," it reads. "With sweet notes of fresh vanilla crème, this smooth scent envelops the senses and leaves you smelling hot and fresh like an OG." 

The more gullible Krispy Kreme followers among us may have clicked the link attached to the brand's Eau de Glaze Parfum, which leads to the joke reveal on Krispy Kreme's website. Some fans admitted that they would totally buy the perfume in real life. "If wishing this was real is wrong, then I don't want to be right," commented one Instagram user. "If it wasn't April Fool's I would use the spray to make my kitchen smell like I've been baking," wrote another. So as not to miss out on a marketing opportunity, the brand promised that the sugary aroma of every Krispy Kreme outpost will leave customers "smelling like an OG" (original glazed donut) as effectively as any perfume.