QDOBA Just Dropped New Cheese-Crusted Quesadillas

Put simply, a quesadilla is a heated tortilla filled with cheese. For some people, the dish can also include a bounty of other fillings and toppings. Fast-casual restaurant chain QDOBA Mexican Eats apparently thinks that only having cheese on the inside of the tortilla isn't enough queso for its customers, so the company added new cheese-crusted quesadillas to its menu, according to a company press release

Basically, these new quesadillas incorporate another layer of melty, somewhat-crispy cheese on the outside of the tortilla. Cheese fans can customize the new offering by adding a variety of fillings, or guests can order the Signature Eats offering, the Smoky Chicken Cheese-Crusted Quesadilla

Based on the company's photo, it appears that melted cheese smothers the majority of the tortilla in the dish. But, YouTube food reviewer SomethingNew was a little disappointed in his first bite. Although he did have some melted cheese crust in the center of the tortilla and appreciated the flavors, he felt that the new item did not live up to the promotional photo. If customers are expecting an over-the-top cheese experience based on promotional materials, it might be best to check the box before leaving the restaurant and make sure it lives up to the promise. But there are other ways for customers to change the dish's flavors.

More ways to try QDOBA cheese-crusted quesadillas

People can create their own take on QDOBA's cheese-crusted quesadillas by adding chicken, steak, salsas, sauces, and other toppings. Yet they can also go for a restaurant-upgraded version of the dish that's on the chain's Signature Eats menu. That's the new Smoky Chicken Cheese-Crusted Quesadilla, which is a "golden cheese-crusted tortilla filled with flame-grilled adobo chicken, smoky chile crema, QDOBA's signature 3-cheese queso, pico de gallo and shredded cheese," according to the news release

QDOBA's Signature Eats menu highlights the chain's "favorite chef-crafted flavors," according to its website. While people can already customize their meal by adding preferred ingredients and flavors, these speciality items could also upgrade some people's opinions of QDOBA's food. They include Cholula Hot & Sweet Chicken, an Impossible Fajita Bowl, and Street Style Chicken Tacos.

While people are just forming their opinions about these new food offerings, one thing is clear: QDOBA is certainly embracing its cheesy side.