Outback Steakhouse's New Menu Item Has A Sugary Twist

While many people cannot resist going straight to the iconic Bloomin' Onion to start a meal at Outback Steakhouse, a new entree has many people wondering if they read the name correctly. Although Mary Poppins sang about a spoonful of sugar, that tune about sweetness wasn't necessarily describing the star of the dinner plate. The new Seasonal Features menu item is Outback Steakhouse Sugar Steak and the reaction to that sweet and savory option has people divided.

According to ChewBoom, the new Sugar Steak features a glaze with brown sugar, honey, garlic, and spices. When the steak is grilled, the sugars caramelize and create a char. Although not in the name, it appears that this steak has a slightly Asian-inspired twist. Served sliced and with a side of the brown sugar glaze, it seems to capture that tangy flavor that epitomizes springtime. According to stirling8130 who said on Outback's Instagram page, "I work here and y'all this is the best dish on the menu it's so worth the money I'm telling you, you will never order anything else from here ever again!!" It might be time to skip the Toowoomba Sauce one time and try the new sweeter steak option. It seems that just maybe everything is a little better with sugar and spice.

What is sugar steak?

When Outback Steakhouse announced the Sugar Steak as a Seasonal Features menu option, some people might have been wondering, is sugar on a steak a smart flavor choice? But anyone who has looked at seasoning, barbecue blend, or even a rub may see that sugar or brown sugar is a common ingredient. According to Bon Appetit, sugar "helps to keep the meat tender" in addition to adding flavor. While bakers have long appreciated that the combination of sugar and salt can be craveable, that yin and yang works in savory foods, too. Lastly, the touch of sugar helps to create a char, which not only adds an appetizing appearance but also seals in the flavor. 

Looking specifically at sugar steak, America's Test Kitchen discussed the idea of combining sugar and spices on a steak. While there have been various restaurants that offer this sweet and savory combination, the key is finding the balance. As seen in the new Outback Steakhouse offering, it's all about sweet and spicy. As long as one flavor does not overpower the others, this cooking method can be quite enjoyable. No one wants candied steak, but a little touch of sugar with salt and spices might be the flavor find that has people craving another bite.