Gordon Ramsay's Hilarious Response To 'Tuna Nutella'

The internet has opened our eyes to many culinary innovations, but funky food combinations might just be the one we fixate on the most. You may have heard of things like peanut butter on burgers, or mayonnaise and banana sandwiches, but some combinations are so strange, people can't help but speak out against them. This time, the food culprit in question is raw tuna paired with Nutella, and the person who is taking a stand against the unholy duo is none other than chef Gordon Ramsay.

Ramsay is definitely famous for never being afraid to make his opinion known about a dish, even if what he has to say isn't very nice. He often posts reaction videos online. And in this case, a lot of people might be able to see where he's coming from. In the original TikTok video, the creator "yayayayummy" starts off by saying "raw tuna and Nutella, trust me on this one," but it's hard to trust such an unexpected combination. Use "high-quality, raw bluefin tuna," then drizzle on the Nutella — apparently, "the sweet and nutty taste of Nutella matches perfectly with the natural sweetness and umami of the tuna." But Ramsay was not convinced.

Ramsay is not a fan of tuna and Nutella

Ramsay's reaction was pretty much what you might expect. When he sees the raw tuna, he says "that looks stunning," but once the Nutella comes out, it's game over. "No, come on, no no no!" Ramsay says as the chef drizzles Nutella on the tuna. "Egghead!" he calls the bald creator, then says "get a grip, man! You've lost the plot!" Fans couldn't get enough of Ramsay's brutally honest reaction.

"The 'egghead' part got me," commented one fan. "Get him Gordon!! Get him!! Do it for all cooks," urged another. "Why would you take a high quality fish and put Nutella on it," pondered a commenter. "No class I say." Ramsay's reaction video has gathered more than 205,000 likes and 1,800 comments so far. But not everyone was pleased. "My mum's bf is bald and he was next to me when you said egghead," claimed one user, causing "EMoTIonal DaMAge."