TikTok Is Divided Over A Little Debbie Cake-Making Hack

If you asked someone what their favorite Little Debbie snack is, you'd probably be talking for hours. Maybe you know a guy who can put away a box of Cosmic Brownies in one sitting, or another who wakes up in the dead of night craving Fudge Rounds and a glass of milk. You may even have a box of Zebra Cakes stashed away in your kitchen as we speak. 

While Little Debbie offers up snack cakes, brownies, and cookies that are ready to eat as soon as you tear open the box, there are plenty of things you can do with the brand's products to give them a bit more flair. In fact, Little Debbie itself offers up recipes starring its products, with treats ranging from Turtle Brownies mousse to Easter egg truffles. Other ideas don't even require a recipe. Want to make a Cosmic Brownie sundae? Go for it. Want to dip an Oatmeal Creme Pie in chocolate? No one's stopping you. You can do a lot of things with Little Debbie products, be they simple or outlandish. However, some TikTok users draw the line at a cake hack recently demonstrated on the social media platform.

Can you really make a cake with Little Debbie?

On April 1, TikTok user @wildflourmama uploaded a video showing how to prepare a deceiving cake using a Little Debbie product — and no, it didn't necessarily appear to be an April Fools' joke. She layered three Zebra Cakes on top of each other before adding white frosting to the entire exterior, followed by a drizzle of chocolate ganache and sprinkles to garnish. Some viewers were amazed by how gourmet the cake looked, despite using such basic ingredients. "Honestly, for a show cake, genius," said user Sami Shelton, while another said, "My husband is a distributor for little Debbie's. Thank you for the advertisement." Another pointed out that the miniature layer cake would be great for a single-serving birthday gift.

Other commenters, however, were not as impressed — mostly due to their belief that Little Debbie sweets taste "artificial" and that the creation would be "scamming" someone who thought they were eating a homemade cake. "When they take the 1st bite and it gets stuck on the roof of their mouth then they will know lol," said Alicia Ann. Another user said they would be "so mad" if someone gave them that cake. Clearly, your perspective simply depends on how nostalgic you are for Little Debbie.