Here's What You Really Win On Celebrity MasterChef

Winning any form of competition requires huge amounts of resilience and dedication, as well as maybe a bit of luck — if you're not blessed with a lucky charm, you'll have your work cut out. To achieve success in any contest is a major victory, even if it's as simple as beating someone to the front of a coffee shop queue or watching a traffic signal switch to green as you glide up to it.

Cooking competitions hit a different level —you need skill, concentration, and sweat to master kitchen battles. But the victory feels almost as glorious as devouring a full bar of chocolate without any guilt at all.

For competitive celebrities, perhaps no feeling could be better than triumphing on "Celebrity MasterChef." The show, which has been running since 2006, pits famous personalities against each other in the kitchen to see who earns the utmost approval of judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace, according to the Radio Times. But for all the effort required, what do winners of "Celebrity MasterChef" actually gain?

Celebrity MasterChef

Staking their reputation by taking on the pressure of "Celebrity MasterChef" is not an easy task for the show's participants, but unlike many TV game shows there is no pot of money gifted to the competition's winner. Instead, Reality Titbit reveals that the main "Celebrity MasterChef" reward is an aluminum trophy styled with the show's M-shaped logo — along with an immense feeling of pride.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of winning "Celebrity MasterChef" is the publicity that appearing on the show provides. Reality Titbit reports that past winners have published recipe books (such as Angellica Bell and John Partridge, according to the Radio Times) and opened restaurants.

If they weren't already in the limelight, celebs could take part in the regular "MasterChef" series — which boasts the considerable prizes of $250,000 and a trophy (unless they opt for the U.K. version, which provides no cash reward, notes Twisted).