29% Would Want Bobby Flay To Cook This Signature Dish For Them

Celebrity chef and TV personality Bobby Flay has worked tirelessly to make a name for himself in the food industry. It all started with chocolate pudding — specifically, the My-T-Fine-brand chocolate pudding he made with his mom, he told FirstWeFeast. What impressed him most about the dessert back then, he said, was the consistency of the pudding and how it would transform when he stirred it, leaving him awestruck. "It was my first foray into food texture, and so I remember it was like yesterday," he explained.

Since then, the "Beat Bobby Flay" star's signature dishes have grown a little more sophisticated than store-bought chocolate pudding mix. Flay's favorite dish he's ever cooked is one that he developed for his first eatery, Mesa Grill: the shrimp and roasted garlic tamale. "It's the most signature dish that I have," he told Good Morning America. Do his fans agree? Mashed conducted a survey to find out respondents' favorite Bobby Flay dish, and the results show one recipe that stands out among the rest.

The Perfect Burger is the winner

Mashed asked 596 respondents across the U.S. to pick one out of five signature Bobby Flay dishes that they would most like the chef to make for them. The top two choices showed a close contest: Flay's Perfect Burger got 29.4% of the votes, and his chicken parmigiana got 28.7%. These were followed by his skirt steak tacos (17.1%), Italian meatballs (15.9%), and vegetable meatloaf with balsamic glaze (8.9%).

The celebrity chef's Perfect Burger recipe is surprisingly simple — as it doesn't call for any fixings besides cheese and comes together in minutes. Flay's secret to a perfect burger, naturally, starts with the beef, which he believes should be 80% lean and 20% fat for the best level of juiciness. Because this meat is so flavorful on its own, especially after a good sear on a cast-iron pan, he seasons it with just salt and pepper. It certainly sounds like the least involved dish in our survey, but it shows that people have a hard time turning down a good burger.