TikTok Is Swooning Over A Dog-Loving Starbucks Employee

Some people love their Starbucks, but you know who also can't get enough of the Seattle-based coffee chain? Dogs. Across social media, you can find countless videos that show pooches burrowing their snouts into pup cups, a pet-friendly treat on the not-so-secret menu. Anyone who's ever ordered a Starbucks Puppucino for their dog knows most baristas are more than happy to make it for free. But based on one TikTok shared by titan.and.his.dads, some employees are really committed to taking service to the next level when it comes to canine customers.

In the now-viral video, the TikToker's dog, a Great Dane named Titan, can be seen sticking their body nearly halfway out of their car while in the Starbucks drive-thru. The barista inside the cafe window immediately takes notice of the excited pooch, turning to him and asking, "Are you waiting for a pup cup?" It's clear from the way her face lights up that she's delighted by the dog's presence, gushing to the owner over how "gorgeous" he is.

But what happens next is what really makes the interaction so special: Rather than give the order to the owners and send them on their way, she holds out the cup to Titan directly, allowing him to enjoy his treat right there in the drive-thru. As the dog devours his Puppucino, the barista is all smiles. "They want their pup cups!" she asserts, adding that her own dogs get equally excited whenever they're near a Starbucks.

People love how caring the barista is toward the eager Puppucino customer

In just two days, the wholesome video of Titan and the dog-loving Starbucks barista has been viewed over 2.7 million times and garnered over 350,000 likes. Based on the comments, many are totally enamored by how genuinely excited the employee appears when interacting with Titan. "The pure joy on her face. I love it. Bless her soul," wrote one user. "You can tell how much she loves dogs!" gushed another. 

Some pet owners who saw the video praised her willingness to go above and beyond to connect with the Great Dane. "It is so heart warming when other people are nice to your dogs," remarked one user. Another concurred, writing, "She has the purest soul and even the dog sees that." Titan's complimented the barista as well, calling her "such a kind woman." They also shared they were deeply appreciative of the care she took in making sure Titan had a positive experience, writing, "She loved our baby which of course made the moment that much more special!"

Customers who pick up Puppucinos for their pooch were also encouraged to bring their dogs along for the ride. Take it from one food service worker who wrote in the comments, "As someone who works in a drive thru, nothing makes us happier than when y'all bring your dogs." Noted!