This Is Kim Kardashian's Go-To In-N-Out Order

As a Los Angeles native, Kim Kardashian enjoys herself some In-N-Out from time to time. Despite having a comparatively shorter menu than other fast food chains, In-N-Out has a great reputation behind it, thanks to items such as its Animal-Style fries and the 4x4 Burger.

In-N-Out is actually one of the reality TV star's favorite fast food chains, so much so that for her 40th birthday, she received an In-N-Out burger cake as a gift (via E! News).

Like with other fast food chains, there is a set order that Kardashian sticks to for every visit (via Insider). At Taco Bell, she selects one soft and one hard beef taco and at KFC, it's the chain's famous fried chicken. And Kardashian prefers to keep her In-N-Out order simple, so it doesn't feature any specialty items at all. David Livingston, an Insider reviewer, gave the celebrity's order a try when visiting Austin, Texas.

Kim Kardashian orders a plain cheeseburger, cheese fries, and a shake

Kardashian's go-to In-N-Out order is a plain cheeseburger, cheese fries, and a shake, according to Insider. She doesn't add any vegetables onto the patty at all, so it's just the beef and cheese that are sandwiched between the two buns.

Though the reviewer wasn't the biggest fan of the cheese fries, they are certainly well-liked by some customers and described by Delishably as "high quality." However many other people opt for the Animal-Style version, which has the cheese, in addition to thousand island dressing and onions.

Lastly, In-N-Out's shakes are one of the restaurant's most popular items. This was the one menu item that the Insider reviewer truly enjoyed. Though he ordered it in the vanilla variety, the drinks also come in a strawberry and chocolate variety. So while he emphasized that Kardashian's burger and fry order could definitely be upgraded to have toppings, the shake definitely carried the meal.