24% Said This Was The Best In-N-Out Secret Menu Item

Like many other popular fast chains, In-N-Out boasts a pretty impressive secret menu list. And it's worth getting familiar with these items, as the chain's famous Animal Style fries and its perfectly gooey grilled cheese are meant to be tried at least once.

As mentioned before, many of the California-based restaurant's secret menu items aren't really as exclusive as they sound — the loaded fries are basically an open secret and what everybody raves about. But for In-And-Out newbies, there are also other menu items to know about, and seasoned visitors are particularly passionate about their favorites.

From the mustard-grilled patty burger to the root beer float, there are plenty of secret menu items at In-N-Out, and Mashed asked 602 customers in the United States to really assess the best items on this list. Patrons had the choice of the 4x4 burger, the Animal Style fries, the Flying Dutchman, the root beer float, the grilled cheese, the mustard-grilled patty burger, or the cheese fries. Here's what the survey found.

The 4x4 Burger Reigns Supreme

The 4x4 burger was crowned as the best In-N-Out secret menu item, fittingly earning almost a quarter of participants' votes — 24.25%, to be exact.

For those who aren't West Coast natives, the 4x4 burger is the largest burger available on the In-N-Out menu. It consists of four beef patties and four slices of American cheese and is actually on the restaurant's "Not So Secret Menu." Because of its massive size, it is also called the Quad Quad.

Following behind was the root beer float, with 20.43% of votes. #HackTheMenu called this product a "classic treat during a warm summer day," which is basically everyday in Southern California. In third place, with 19.27% of the votes, were the Animal Style fries. Votes then jumped down when ranking the grilled cheese, which only had 10.80% of votes, and the Flying Dutchman, which had 9.14% of votes. On the tailend were the cheese fries, which are delicious but aren't really specific to the chain in the way the 4x4 is. In last place was the mustard-grilled patty burger, which may not be ideal for people who dislike the taste of mustard. It also makes us wonder: How would people feel about a mustard-grilled 4x4?