Instagram Is Feeling Valerie Bertinelli's 'Proud-Mama Moment'

Wolfgang Van Halen hit the Grammys' red carpet this past weekend "with the two most important women in [his] world," girlfriend Andraia Allsop and doting mom Valerie Bertinelli (via Instagram). According to Today, Wolfgang was nominated in the Best Rock Song category for his first solo song "Distance," written about the death of Eddie Van Halen, his father. The gut-wrenching lyrics of "Distance" detail Wolfgang's attempts to navigate a new life without his father in it, with the words "No matter what the distance is, I will be with you" repeating throughout (via Ultimate Classic Rock).

While Eddie couldn't be with Wolfgang at the awards show on Sunday, Wolfgang still knew he had his support. "He would be losing his mind right now. But also, at the same time, he'd be like, 'Duh,' because that's how much he believed in me," Wolfgang told ET while Bertinelli looked on with tears of pride and joy (via Instagram).

Valerie Bertinelli attended the Grammys with son Wolfgang Van Halen

Wolfgang Van Halen may have not won the Grammy for Best Rock Song, but his number one fan, his mom Valerie Bertinelli, is proud nonetheless. The "Kids Baking Championship" host took to Instagram to chronicle the night, including a candid moment after the event in which she shared the results. "Grammy-less, unfortunately. The funny thing is that I think that — I know — all of us here with Wolfie that love him so much, we're more disappointed than he is. He truly is just grateful to be nominated and to be recognized. And I'm so proud of him," Bertinelli said.

Van Halen commented on the post with three red heart emojis while fans also recognized his accomplishments and acknowledged his loving family, such as one who wrote, "Your Mom loves you more than life and I know your Dad was BEAMING down at you and is every minute of every day!" and another who chimed in, "I can't tell who's happier, you or your mom." The musical artist took to his own Instagram account to share a pic of the trio from the awards show, captioning it partly, "All I know is I'm feeling pretty damn grateful."