Instagram Can't Wait To Try Amanda Freitag's Easy Salmon Recipe

If you're a beginner cook — or even an experienced one — you might feel a bit of anxiety about making a fish dish. From cut choice and cook time to oven temperature and correct minutes-per-side, there seems to be an unlimited number of ways to go wrong when cooking fish. Make no mistake – even New York Times' Recipe Lab contributor Julia Moskin acknowledged that "fear of fish can afflict even the most confident cook."

Fortunately, though, Food Network's Amanda Freitag is here to guide you through a straightforward salmon recipe, in the latest installment of her "Easy AF" digital series. In a new, minute-long clip, which debuted yesterday on TikTok and Instagram, the celebrity chef shows her fans how to prepare "seared salmon with spring onion & peas" — a not-too-complicated-looking recipe that takes the stress out of cooking fish. "A good sear and the perfect brown butter pan sauce can make your week-night salmon SHINE," reads the video's caption. The recipe seems to be a hit with Freitag's followers, too, who have already viewed the tutorial more than 3,800 times and flooded the comments section with flame emojis and heartfelt praise for Freitag.

The recipe is a 3-parter (get ready for sauce)

Besides applause and heart-eyes emojis, some of the more notable fan reactions on Instagram involved sharing plans to attempt the recipe. "Imma make this tomorrow night this is the BEST," wrote one follower. "So elegant and simple! I am going to try and make this!!" shared another.

True to "Easy AF" form, Amanda Freitag makes it all seem completely effortless — chopping, frying, and reducing her way to a perfectly seared salmon fillet served on a bed of peas and spring onions. But even if you're not a Food Network star, the recipe looks manageable enough. It's a three-parter, and you should expect to be moving between the stovetop and the oven for most of it. In the clip, Freitag gives the salmon an initial pan sear before popping it in the oven. While she waits, she gets to work prepping the onion and peas, steaming them in a separate pan. After plating up the fish and veg, she finishes things off with a tarragon and lemon juice-infused brown butter sauce. Sure, some people might not complete this recipe quite as fast as Freitag. But they have every reason to believe will be "Easy AF."