Trader Joe's Shoppers' Favorite Popcorn Is Back On Shelves

Hear that? It's the sound of millions of keyboard keys, clacking and clicking with frenetic energy. People across America — grandmothers, preschoolers, biker gang members, teenage girls on their way to get their driver's license — are updating their social media pages and texting their loved ones with today's important news: A seasonal favorite has returned to Trader Joe's.

Anyone who has ever been to Trader Joe's, the store that is almost certainly the official grocer of Guy Fieri's Flavortown, has probably been taken in by its playful marketing, colorful storefronts, and reasonable prices. You might have even taken home a thing or two, perhaps deciding to swap your usual grocery store cheese for Trader Joe's Irish Cheddar, or maybe opting for TJ's mandarin orange chicken, the store's most popular frozen food, rather than your local Chinese takeout. But it's only the true Trader Joe-heads, the ride-or-dies, the Fearless Flyers, who know about the brand's seasonal favorites — those items that do a cameo at Trader Joe's but once a year. One such seasonal favorite, Trader Joe's Synergistically Seasoned Popcorn, is back on shelves again, according to Instagrammer @traderjoeslist, and crew members better be ready for a crowd...

Sweet meets salty in a synergy of sassy seasonings

Trader Joe's fan account @traderjoeslist posted a special announcement on their Instagram page this week, and judging by the more than 300 comments, they are not the only one who was anxiously awaiting the return of Trader Joe's Synergistically Seasoned Popcorn. "IT'S BACK," the caption reads. "This popcorn is the yin to my tastebuds yang! It hits all the flavors starting with sweet and finishes with spicy! It's like a summer bbq in your mouth all at once! I look forward to this every year," they continued about the seasonal product, which retails for $2.29. 

And indeed, the popcorn really does look like a party in a bag, featuring the tastes of turmeric, garlic, vinegar, sugar, cayenne, and rosemary. The label boasts "tangy, salty, smoky, spicy, and slightly sweet flavors," and most followers of @traderjoeslist were gunning for at least a few bags of the stuff. "Immediately bought 3 bags and sent a pic to the family group chat so they could stock up too," wrote one commenter, adding the crying-laughing emoji of someone who has just won the day. "This needs to stay on shelves forever please," commented one Joe-head on the post, and many others echoed the sentiment. Fans were just as psyched for the return of the zesty popcorn flavor last year, which would suggest that should Trader Joe's ever decide to make its Synergistically Seasoned Popcorn a permanent offering, it would have a very strong fan base.