33% Think This Is The Best Trader Joe's Frozen Meal

When any shopper enters Trader Joe's, the warm tiki vibe seems to bring a sense of ease and relaxation. Even if people make a mad dash for that must-have Fearless Flyer find, there is a sense of welcoming around every corner. Even though Reader's Digest reports that the stores weren't a huge success when Joe Coulombe opened his first store in 1967, the brand has become legendary. It is more than just a convenient place to shop and a great place to keep the grocery bill in balance, even when there are a plethora of finds on the shelf. The balance between tasty and cost-effective is clear.

One of the keys to Trader Joe's success has been leveraging its private label brands. As reported by Taste of Home, by avoiding bigger name brands, the company can keep costs down and pass down the savings to shoppers. More importantly, that choice builds brand loyalty for certain foods. From the bakery aisle to the freezer, certain food offerings are continually put into the shopping basket. While everyone might have their own favorite Trader Joe's find, a third of respondents have picked this one offering as the best of Trader Joe's frozen meals.

Is this Trader Joe's frozen meal better than takeout?

Recently, Mashed surveyed 605 people and asked them to pick the best Trader Joe's frozen meal. Putting aside limited-time offers or seasonal items, the top pick in the grocery cart was clear. 33.35% of respondents agree that mandarin orange chicken is Trader Joe's top choice. As Kitchn described it, "It's basically like if you got an order of orange chicken from a restaurant, and every piece in the carton was a 'good' piece." When the frozen meal is a fraction of the cost of takeout, it is a must-buy. 

Coming in behind the mandarin orange chicken were mushroom and spinach quiche at 13.72%, mac and cheese bites at 13.72%, sriracha shrimp bowl at 9.26%, potato pancakes at 8.76%, chicken burrito bowl at 8.76%, riced cauliflower bowl at 7.60%, and cacio e pepe at 4.63%. The variety in this list is a great example of Trader Joe's products. There is a flavor and style for every preference.

Given that a few items tied in people's responses, it goes to show that Trader Joe's frozen food aisle is a bounty of deliciousness. Maybe it is time to add one of these dishes to the cart during your next shopping trip.