Miller Lite's 'Beer Drops' Mean You Can Make Any Drink Beer Flavored

Beer aficionados don't need a "national day" to celebrate and honor their beloved grain and hops-based brew. Nevertheless, National Day Calendar proclaims April 7 to be National Beer Day, so you are hereby cordially invited to mark the occasion by enjoying any number of beer-themed treats, including fried beer (yes, it's a thing), beer lollipops, or, if you're feeling adventurous, a righteous pilgrimage to Hawaii's beer-scented stream — just don't drink the water.

Of course, there's always the possibility of popping open a can of whichever beer you happen to have chilling in your fridge at the moment. And since the OG of lite beers is still the third most popular beer in the U.S., there's a decent chance that said beer will be Miller Lite. But if it's not, the beer company has come up with a failsafe that fans will want to know about. Starting on April 6, the company has made available something called "Beer Drops," which it describes in a press release as "taste-enhancing liquid drops to level-up other light beers." In other words, Miller Lite Beer Drops can make any beer — or any other drink, for that matter — taste like Miller Lite. 

The essence of Miller Lite in a drop, has dropped

Just in time for National Beer Day, Miller Lite has released a limited-edition liquid flavor enhancer promising to lend the "fine pilsner" taste of Miller Lite beer to any beer, according to a press release from parent company Molson Coors. But if you think about it, Miller Lite's new Beer Drops should also, at least theoretically, be capable of infusing any drink you can imagine with a dash of malty fermentation. And Miller Lite fans are here for it. In fact, as of April 6, at 9 a.m. Eastern time, which is the exact moment that Miler Lite Beer Drops dropped on Miller Lite's web shop, fans of the original lite beer have so thoroughly deluged the company with orders that, for the moment, the company has run out of supply. 

Yes, we realize it's not even National Beer Day yet, but Miller Lite's first batch of Miller Lite-flavored Beer Drops has sold out. So, what's a beer lover to do? Miller Lite's website asks fans to check back on National Beer Day (April 7). Assuming the company will have replenished its stock by then, you can order your own Beer Drops to be delivered anywhere in the country for $4.07, while supplies last (and assuming you're of legal drinking age). Until you receive yours, feel free to tweak the taste of your sub-par brew with this unexpected ingredient.