Yep, Beer Lollipops Are Apparently A Thing Now

Mid-March has officially arrived, which for some people can only mean one thing: March Madness is upon us. Whether you are a passionate college basketball fan or a casual watcher who just loves the hype, filling out an NCAA Championship bracket has become a time-honored tradition and right of passage (even former President Barack Obama takes part).

Regardless of the teams you're rooting for, everyone is in a need of solid snacks to carry them through basketball's biggest month of the year. Similar to the Super Bowl, March Madness is full of epic food deals to take of advantage of, from Auntie Anne's free pretzels to Pizza Hut's Big Dinner Box. That's not to mention all the chips and dip, quesadillas, chicken wings, and veggies and hummus you can grab from the store to enjoy while you watch the big game. But with around 12 continuous days of college basketball, what's the snack that will get you from tip-off to the final game with a cool head? Coors Light has released a research-backed treat that it says will help fans calmly see their favorite team through the entirety of the tournament: beer-flavored lollipops.

Chillollipops are designed to calm the madness of March

Watching a game at a bar during March Madness can be, to put it plainly, pure and utter madness. The drama and intense emotions surrounding this time of year is what inspired Coors Light's all-new beer-flavored lollipop. As the company puts it in a press release about its "refreshing" new treat, "Fans could use a little chill." Aptly, the beer brand is calling the treat the Chillollipop.

Fans may be wondering, "What's the point of a beer-flavored lollipop?" It's not about booze. The idea behind the lollipop apparently started with social experiments read about by Coors, in which hard candies and lollipops were distributed to late-night bar patrons and were found to produce a calming effect. While the Chillollipop is designed for consumers 21 and older, it does not contain any alcohol. It does, however, have a "foam top," which is meant to mimic the experience of taking a sip of draft beer. During March Madness, Chillollipops will be available in packs of six for $3.17 on the Coors Light website.