Joy The Baker Shares Her Top Baking Tips - Exclusive

Joy the Baker has become a household name, as Joy Wilson has spent years building up her blog of recipes and her following across social media. Wilson is a three-time cookbook author as well as the editor-in-chief of "Joy the Baker" magazine, which is available on grocery store newsstands nationwide. Wilson also has her own line of gourmet baking mixes in partnership with Williams Sonoma.

With years of experience in the kitchen, Joy the Baker certainly has a few tips and tricks up her sleeve. She'll often share those in the recipes she publishes on her blog along with clever tips on Instagram. But what are the top must-have tidbits that Wilson thinks bakers need to know? We sought to find out.

In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Joy Wilson shared her top tips for people in the kitchen. And these pointers will definitely help bakers of all levels succeed, from novices to those with more experience.

Joy's best tips are simple

When asked, Joy Wilson noted that her top baking tips were quite simple. There's no need for tricky tips here. "They might seem very obvious to people, but they're my tips because people don't do them," she said. Her first piece of advice? Always read the recipe. "I know it sounds crazy, but read the recipe before you start baking, because there might be a little step ahead that you haven't anticipated that you're not familiar with," she added. The extra bit of preparation can provide just the edge you need to take the end result from good to great.

The second most important tip from Wilson? "Baking is all about time and temperature," as she says — and those notes included in a recipe are very important. She explained that many ingredients need to be at certain temperatures to create certain reactions while baking. "You want your butter to be at room temperature so that it can cream with sugar. You want your eggs to be at room temperature so that they can fluff up well in the oven," she said. "Those little details are not for nothing."

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