Trader Joe's Has A Spring Version Of Its Fan-Favorite Jingle Jangle

Trader Joe's is well known for its wide variety of seasonal products, especially the limited-time treats it releases around the holiday season. One of the grocery chain's most popular winter treats is Jingle Jangle, which is a festive name for a very chocolaty mixture of just about every sweet snack you can imagine — mini pretzels, caramel popcorn, tiny peanut butter cups, candy-coated milk chocolate gems, and pieces of the store's fan-favorite Joe-Joe's cookies — drizzled with milk, dark, and white chocolate. It's no wonder fans freak out about Jingle Jangle every year, as its only discernible downside seems to be its limited availability.

However, a few years ago, TJ's smartly decided to capitalize on Jingle Jangle's popularity by launching a spring version of the famous holiday product. Back in 2020, Trader Joe's released Springle Jangle, which features a blend of sweet and salty snacks with a pastel-colored twist. Per talk on Instagram, the treat is now back on shelves.

Trader Joe's Springle Jangle has rave reviews online

According to Instagram fan account @traderjoesnew, Springle Jangle has returned to TJ's for the 2022 spring season at $3.99 per package. "I am soo happy and Excited they brought this fun treat back this year, this sweet and salty combo has all the goodies!!! I will be giving these as gifts for Easter this year," they raved, while fellow fan @traderjoesfoodreviews gave the snack a 9/10 rating. What's in the mix? Each bag contains milk and dark chocolate peanut butter cups, pink and yellow yogurt-covered pretzels, butter toffee peanuts, chocolate Joe-Joe's bark, and other colorful candies in the theme of spring.

Followers took to the comments to share their Springle Jangle verdict, and reviews seem to be positive. One follower said they "liked this more than the jingle jangle," while another replied, "it's so good I'm obsessed." Others critiqued that the blend is a little heavy on the dark chocolate and pretzels — which other snack fans consider to be strengths. It certainly seems that Trader Joes' decision to revamp one of its classic winter products for a new season was a success. As one shopper summed it up, "Spring time is the best time especially w springle jangle!!!"