This Brand Makes The Best Bourbon, According To 31% Of People

If you love whiskey but want to change things up, you might also enjoy a drink of bourbon. Although they share some similarities, there's a difference between bourbon and whiskey, such as the facts that bourbon is sweeter, has more vanilla notes, and is always made with corn and aged in new oak barrels. There's to know about bourbon for those who are new to the drink, but there are plenty of resources out there to get familiar with the various ways to enjoy it and find out what brands are the best.

If you want to ease your way into bourbon, start off with a mixed beverage. With dozens of bourbon cocktails to choose from, from a fruity blackberry bourbon smash to a bitter Boulevardier, you'll find a drink that fits your tastes. If you'd prefer to drink it straight, the best bourbons you need to try in 2022 include bottles from Kentucky, Texas, and beyond. And in pursuit of crowdsourced recommendations, Mashed polled people in the United States to find out what bourbon drinkers love most. Nearly 600 people responded, and they have a pretty clear favorite.

People think Maker's Mark has the best bourbon

Mashed's survey included seven different popular brands of bourbon for respondents to choose from, including Basil Hayden, Four Roses, Maker's Mark, Wild Turkey, Knob Creek, Bulleit, and Woodford Reserve. Maker's Mark was the favorite bourbon for 31.7% of respondents, who may enjoy the brand because it's easy to find in stores or for its recipe of red winter wheat, local corn, and malted barley.

In a pretty close second place was Wild Turkey, run in part by the whiskey world's longest-tenured active Master Distiller Jimmy Russell, with 27% of the votes. After these two, there was a pretty steep drop. Next up with the most votes was Woodford Reserve, but only 12.4% of people voted for this as their favorite bourbon. Four Roses received 10.2% of the votes, and Knob Creek got 8%. Just over 7% of poll respondents said that Basil Hayden's was their favorite bourbon on the list, and coming in last was Bulleit, which only got 3.4% of votes from respondents. Like most things, when it comes to bourbon, it seems that people like what they know.