Andrew Zimmern's Slow-Roasted Salmon Has A Unique Ingredient

There is no surprise in learning that your favorite fish is insanely popular. Of course, not everyone is a fan, but those who are deem salmon as a delicious protein that can be eaten alone, atop a salad, or in a sushi roll.

Salmon ranks as the second most consumed seafood species in America, right behind shrimp, meaning this popular fish is featured on many U.S. dinner tables. From pan searing and oven baking to smoking and grilling, there are a wide variety of options for preparing salmon, and different recipes abound.

Chef and television personality Andrew Zimmern, best known for his show "Bizarre Foods," often shares fun and innovative recipes on his website and will often post eye-feasting foods on his Instagram, like in thisĀ photo dump. It's no secret Zimmern enjoys foods along the road less traveled, which is why his recipes offer unique ingredients and cooking styles that can tempt many taste buds.

Such is that of a recipe for slow-roasted salmonĀ the celebrity chef shares on his website, which lists an ingredient that you might not expect would pair well with fish.

Andrew Zimmern's Swedish Fish

The recipe starts off slow roasting the salmon in olive oil, which Zimmern explains will result in "silky, tender, and moist salmon." He next advises gently poaching the fish in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit and baking for eight to 10 minutes. His version incorporates avocado (not the secret ingredient) which is seared in a cast iron or saute pan and serves as the foundation for the salmon when it's done cooking.

Zimmern instructs using a sprinkle of fleur de sel for seasoning and a drizzle of lemon vinaigrette on the plate. The unusual ingredient, however, is Swedish pickles, which are added last as a garnish. This addition, however, does involve a little preparation.

He lists the recipe for Swedish pickles, which calls for a hefty nine ingredients. That may seem like a lot for a garnish, but Zimmern has a pretty refined palate so it may be worth the extra time and effort making these pickles. Once finished, simply add the garnish to the salmon dish, and voila! Your salmon has become a Swedish Fish.

The salmon recipe is also posted to his YouTube channel where fans in the comment section agree that this fish dish looks divine.