Padma Lakshmi Revealed The Three Dishes She Always Makes For Herself

As the host of Bravo's hit competition "Top Chef," Padma Lakshmi knows her way around good food. Every season of the show, she eats dozens of dishes prepared by the country's best chefs, which she revealed in The Hollywood Reporter is the equivalent of 5,000 to 8,000 calories a day during filming. Off set, the food Lakshmi typically eats in a day is carefully prepared and errs on the side of healthy. She starts her mornings with tea and eggs, enjoys small portions of snacks throughout the day, and makes sure to keep the focus on fruits and vegetables with every meal.

But the TV personality is no stranger to little treats, as she shares with Extra Crispy that cereal is actually her favorite midnight snack. And when it comes to last-minute meals when she doesn't have time to cook anything too fancy or complicated, her go-to choices are pretty relatable.

Lakshmi's love for potatoes, peanut butter, and pomegranates

In response to a question on Twitter, Lakshmi shared three of her favorite quick-and-easy dishes to whip up at home. She tweeted "Spaghetti with sautéed onions or chives, red chile & parmigiana. Pom Toast™. Microwaved baked potato with butter, plain yogurt & loads of Tapatio." When it comes to top-ranked hot sauces, you may be surprised to see where Lakshmi's touted Tapatio falls on our list.

The celebrity chef has previously sung the praises of these favorite dishes. Not only is she a devout fan of pomegranates, but her nut butter and pomegranate seed toast is an inspirational 'lifestyle' for her fans. "You're the reason I started putting peanut and pom on toast," Kim Chi replied to Lakshmi's tweet. You can find multiple Pom Toast posts on Lakshmi's Instagram, and one reel alone garnered 14,000 likes and 446 comments of approval.

In response to a different question on Twitter in February, the cookbook author also advocated for the microwaved potato dish, especially when traveling without access to a lot of ingredients. Despite professionally judging some of the best food on television, Lakshmi seems happy enough with potatoes and pomegranates.