Pollo Tropical Just Dropped Three New Family-Sized Meals

While there are times for a grab and go bite, sitting down as a group, shutting off the screens, and having a conversation can be beneficial. As Parents shared, connecting with others over food and around a table can have a physical and mental benefit for all of those involved. With more quick service restaurants offering meals for the whole family on their menus, the option blends value and convenience. For those days when the time is short, the oven needs to stay off, and dinnertime boredom needs to be erased, these food choices are easy to make.

At Pollo Tropical, the idea of a unique experience rooted in a passion for fresh, flavorful food has been part of the brand since its inception. While the Miami vibe is clear, the signature menu items, like grilled chicken, mojo pork, and TropiChops, have delighted guests over the years. Recently, the quick service restaurant added three new family-sized meals to its menu. According to QSR, the meals are priced at $24.99 and are intended to feed four people. At a value of less than $7 a serving, this dinner might be worth the purchase, even for an individual. Sometimes getting more for less is always a winning purchase.

What are the three new Pollo Tropical family meals?

While the classic citrus marinated grilled chicken might be a Pollo Tropical staple, the new family meals feature a variety of choices that can please a whole crowd. According to a company press release, the options are the Chicken Trio, TropiChop Bar, and Fajita Meal.

As the name implies, the Chicken Trio features three types of chicken, three grilled boneless breasts, two crispy chicken filets, and two chicken sausages. Served with sides, this option ensures that people have variety. Still, you might want to ask before taking all the crispy chicken before everyone else. To avoid the arguing over who gets which piece of chicken, consider the Fajita Meal. Served with chicken fajitas and all the fixings, everyone can fill their plate with the same choice.

Building on one of the quick service restaurant's signature menu items, the TropiChop Bowl, the TropiChop Bar allows everyone to build their own version. Served with "grilled chicken, rice, beans, fresh avocado slices and your choice of two toppings, and sauces," the customization element makes the family style eating experience more enjoyable. After all, no one wants bickering around the table. In some ways, the TropiChop Bar could be a great value even if it wasn't served as a family meal. At just $24.99, it could be a multi-meal option for a smaller group.