The Real Reason Lollipop Sticks Are Hollow

Many facets of American life would be altered without lollipops. Halloween, birthday parties, candy stores, and even children's doctor's office visits would be much different if the hard candy on the end of a stick didn't exist.

Though lollipops have been around for more than a century, they remain extremely popular — some companies manufacture up to three million a day, according to Candy Favorites. Lollipops still have had to adapt to the times, however — and they've come a long way since mass production began in 1908.

Modern lollipops have a name that comes from a surprising place. But whatever the name, sweet treats on sticks probably date back thousands of years, Candy Favorites writes. Flavors and styles have changed and expanded along the way — beer lollipops are even a thing now — but a major advancement in the design of lollipop sticks has improved a more important trait: safety. It's this focus that unravels the mystery of why modern lollipops have hollow sticks.

Lollipop sticks are hollow to protect children

There are a couple of reasons why lollipops have hollow sticks — and being able to blow through them isn't one of them. Safety is a significant objective, especially when it comes to young children who are unable to resist shoving everything they find into their mouths.

According to Reader's Digest, holes at each end of the stick and an unfilled center mean that choking is much less likely because air has an opportunity to seep through. The second reason relates to stability of the product, but is also another well-being feature that prevents choking.

Reader's Digest further explains that the hole at the top of a lollipop stick is filled by manufacturers with some of the melted candy, helping to keep the sugary sphere stuck on the end. Incidents of children choking on detached lollipop heads have been known to happen (via WalesOnline), so ensuring the candy is suitably attached to the stick gives parents and manufacturers peace of mind even when some kids seemingly have the strongest of sucking powers.