Instagram Loves This Pic Of Olivia Munn Rummaging Through Cheese

Without a doubt, Americans love cheese. The U.S. produced more than 13 billion pounds of cheese in 2020 alone, says the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center. To put that number into perspective, consider this: The average American consumes about 40 pounds of cheese each year. It's easy to see why this is the case. Not only can cheese be nutritious when eaten in moderation, but it also comes in countless varieties. You've got parmesan, cheddar, feta, Swiss, and, well, a whole bunch of processed cheese products. But, hey, what's life without a little bit of spray cheese or Velveeta?

Because cheese comes in so many different forms — think slices for busy sandwich makers, giant wedges for chefs, and even cheesy ice cream for nostalgic dessert lovers — it appeals to just about everyone who can eat dairy. Babies, kids, adults, and even big-name celebrities like Olivia Munn can't live without a little cheese. 

Sometimes, you have to stop and admire the cheese

In her latest Instagram post, "The Newsroom" actor Olivia Munn shared a picture of herself shopping for cheese at what appears to be a Whole Foods. She wrote in the caption, "No lie, I thought I was holding it together pretty good until I saw this photo," citing her casual ensemble and "messy" hair. Although Munn poked fun at herself for wearing boyfriend John Mulaney's clothes out to the grocery store, her friends and fans showered her (and the cheese) with plenty of love. 

Beauty expert Nilam Holmes commented, "I adore cheese and I adore you," while "New Girl" actor Hannah Simone found the whole post completely relatable: "Literally had to do a double take. Thought it was me and someone had caught me out in the wild," she said. Other fans reassured Munn that she was definitely "holding it together" for being four months postpartum. Sarah Odette wrote, "You're stunning, Olivia. You make me feel better about myself because I truly feel like I'm a mess since I had my baby." Still other fans just wanted to know what kind of cheese Munn chose. Maybe...muenster?