If You've Ever Wanted To Try Mac & Cheese Ice Cream, Run To Walmart

The ice cream world is getting a little cheesier thanks to the newest product to hit Walmart store shelves. A literal mashup of two of society's most beloved comfort foods, Kraft Mac & Cheese ice cream is available for purchase at any Walmart location in the United States for the next 10 weeks. That is, of course, if any are left on store shelves. The product, made by artisan ice creamery Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, was initially available online last summer, and sold out in under an hour, per Food Network. Walmart deftly negotiated a deal to stock the popular product, and the time is nigh for those who were disappointed that they couldn't try it last summer.

Some online commentary showed that people were skeptical, even grossed-out about the flavor. After the online launch, grammalouisa2153 said the following in an Instagram user commented on a post about the dessert, "When I want ice cream I will eat ice cream. When I want Mac and cheese I will eat Mac and cheese." Another Instagrammer added, "The world has enough problems right now. We don't need this." Clearly, however, some people have a hankering for the interesting new flavors. Only time will tell how well this flavor performs at Walmart, which has doubled down on Van Leeuwen's unconventional flavors with a number of new additions.

More wild ice cream flavors from Van Leeuwen coming to Walmart

Van Leeuwen, which started off as a Brooklyn ice cream shop, is about to achieve new levels of success with even more creative flavors about to hit Walmart shelves. In fact, the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese ice cream is but one of seven! Announced in a story on the ice creamery's Instagram page, some of the flavors include another dinner-turned-dessert: The Pizza ice cream features "cream cheese and mozzarella ice cream," along with basil crust cookies and a swirl of tomato jam.

Other new flavors are a little more dessert-like, such as Hot Honey, which is vanilla ice cream with "honeycomb and swirls of hot honey," Royal Wedding Cake, which is sweet cream cheese ice cream, mixed with chunks of lemon sponge cake. It also has "layers of elderflower frosting." If plain old vanilla is your preference, best to steer clear of these wild and wacky flavors. But if you think that there's no limit to what ice cream can do, perhaps they're worth a taste!