Here's How To Order A Wendy's $5 Biggie Bag And Get Triple Points

With more than 6,500 locations around the world, Wendy's is arguably one of the most popular fast food chains. It's best known for its square-shaped burgers, which the brand claims are fresh and never frozen, and its famous baked potatoes, which many customers order on the side of said burgers, smothered in their choice of sour cream, butter, cheese, bacon bits, and/or chives. And who could overlook the iconic Wendy's chili, which can be a meal all on its own? There are many more options on the menu at Wendy's, too, including spicy chicken nuggets, freshly made salads, and chili cheese fries.

No matter what you get from Wendy's, you'll almost always have your choice of meal size. You can order a la carte or snag a combo meal with a side of fries and a fountain soda. You can even opt for a "Feed The Fam" deal, which has enough food for four people. Now, there's a new option for Wendy's fans: the recently improved Biggie Bag. Here's what you need to know about the menu item, including how you can order it for yourself.

There are three ways to order the Biggie Bag

According to Wendy's, the new Biggie Bag costs just $5 and includes your choice of a sandwich, a four-piece pack of chicken nuggets — either original or spicy — a small fries, and a small fountain soda (via PR Newswire). Previously, you weren't able to select your sandwich — it automatically came with the Bacon Double Stack.

As for the sandwiches now included, you can choose from a junior bacon cheeseburger, Double Stack, or crispy chicken BLT. To get the Biggie Bag, you can order in person at your local Wendy's location or online via the Wendy's mobile app, or website. Plus, if you're part of the Wendy's Rewards program, you can get triple Bonus Rewards Points when you order a Biggie Bag between April 12 and 14.

Note that you may not be able to find it everywhere, however. In the press release, Wendy's says that the Biggie Bag is available at "participating" restaurants across the country.