TikTok Is Debating Reese Witherspoon's Breakfast For Her Dogs

When Reese Witherspoon is not busy being an actress, author, director, book club runner, and Instagram's most enviable lifestyle guru, she might be in mom mode. And we're not just talking about her role as mother to her human children, Deacon, Tennessee, and Ava. The "Big Little Lies" creator is currently a proud dog mom to four pups: labradors Major and Hank, American Bulldog Lou, and Frenchie Minnie Pearl, all of whom make appearances on her social media pages.  

And like many dog owners whose canines are basically like family, the actress has admitted she can't help but spoil them. When asked by "Good Morning America" hosts what life was like for the pets in her house, she said, "It's a good life over here. There's a lot of pampering." There might also be a lot of fruit and Forager. Or at least there were some in a recent video starring her pups. Witherspoon gave viewers a glimpse of what she gave her dogs to eat for breakfast one day on TikTok. And it wasn't typical kibble.

In the clip, the actress is seen gathering Forager vanilla cashew yogurt along with fresh raspberries and blueberries from her fridge. By the end, the ingredients come together in a tiny parfait that she lets Minnie Pearl eat straight from the bowl. "Hot tip: Dogs like breakfast too" reads the caption. 

Some people don't think it's safe to feed dogs blueberries

Witherspoon's TikTok has received tons of attention from fans and pet owners, earning 34,000 likes thus far. While many people in the comments section called the star's pet breakfast idea "adorable," not everyone was on board with the ingredients. "You know your not supposed to give dogs berries right..?????" commented one user. "Blueberries are bad for dogs" remarked another. As a result, the post has sparked quite a debate among TikTok users. "No, you are thinking of grapes," replied one user to the anti-blueberry comment. A fourth declared, "Blueberries are in fact very nutritious for puppers!!" 

So then, what's the truth? Looks like team blueberry breakfast has it right. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), most dogs can safely eat blueberries daily, and as the one commenter suggested, it may actually be beneficial for them to do so because they're rich in antioxidants. Raspberries, on the other hand, should be fed to dogs in moderation because they contain high amounts of xylitol, which can cause liver problems. As for the cashew milk yogurt, we don't know. AKC claims cashews are safe for dogs but not ideal for regular consumption due to their fat content. But that explanation doesn't mention cashew yogurt. However, if you have concerns, particularly about something like say, allergies or your dog's specific nutritional needs, it may be worth talking to the vet to be safe.