The Food Commercials You Didn't Know Starred Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has been in the public eye for most of her life. From her early role as one of E.T.'s human friends to her stint as a flesh-eating suburban realtor in "Santa Clarita Diet," her bubbly personality has won her fans across the 50 states and beyond. As a Hollywood heavy-hitter, producing movies and hosting her own talk show, it seems that this American icon has yet to encounter a film-related challenge she can't tackle. She's even taken to singing in Crocs commercials.  

With what feels like a gazillion movies and late night appearances under her belt, it's hard to imagine Barrymore as a novice. But there was a time when she was a fresh young face that nobody recognized. And, contrary to what many believe, her portrayal of Gertie in "E.T." was not where her prolific career started. In fact, her face has been gracing your television set long before the lovable alien asked to phone home. 

Barrymore was the epitome of sweetness in a McDonald's ad

It turns out that this celebrated starlet's cherubic childhood face was a hit with advertisers, as she started gracing commercials at the tender age of 4. One of her earliest ads was for Ronald McDonald's Kids Day, a saccharine-sweet offering replete with 1970s-style bonhomie and smiles. In the ad, a young Barrymore can be seen sitting with her TV parents, digging into a free ice cream sundae and savoring every spoonful. The epitome of cuteness, she even gets to deliver the closing line, "I'm glad I'm a kid."

In a lesser known spot, Barrymore is seen lovingly giving a spoonful of Knudsen Yogurt to her adoring small screen grandfather. Since there's just a brief opening shot of the star in this commercial, her fans won't want to blink for fear of missing it. Again, it is Barrymore's undeniable adorableness that steals the show. After these appearances, it wasn't long before she started sharing the screen with some of the food industry's most beloved mascots, better allowing her personality to shine through. 

Barrymore hung out with a trio of singing elves

A 1979 Pillsbury advertisement begins with a less-than-happy looking Barrymore coming in from the rain with a big pout on her face (emphasis on the word "big"). Her onscreen mom immediately whips up a mountainous batch of Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies and presents them to her visibly downtrodden, stuffed- animal-clutching daughter. Of course, the cookies bring smiles and feelings of goodwill to all, and the Doughboy gets his belly poked and emits a blissful giggle. 

In 1981, Barrymore landed a Kellogg's Rice Krispies commercial that would see her chatting with Snap, Crackle, and Pop. Before heading off to a wedding where she would be the flower girl, her character receives a much-needed pep talk from the tiny, animated trio. They even follow her to the wedding, engaging in their usual pre-nuptial tears as Barrymore confidently takes on her flower-bearing role. 

Even as a young child, Barrymore's shining star shone brightly, winning her countless advertising roles and catapulting her to the silver screen. Who would have guessed that the object of the Wedding Singers' affections was once serenaded by a group of cereal-hocking elves?