Trader Joe's Shoppers Can't Wait To Try Its New Iced Tea Flavor

Say goodbye to wooly scarves and oversized jackets and hello to warm weather! It feels as though the winter season is finally behind us, and spring has arrived in full force. Brightly colored berries pack the produce section, fresh flowers are blooming, and Easter Sunday is right around the corner.

As the weather gets hotter, warm soups and heavy stews are being replaced with refreshing salads, crisp vegetables, and fruity desserts. As for the perfect beverage to wash our lighter meals down? The last thing people are craving is mulled cider and hot chocolate — only something cold and refreshing will do. From frozen mojitos and strawberry daiquiris to frosty margaritas, there are so many frozen cocktails you can make this summer and spring. And if you're looking for something booze-free, mainstays include lemonade, kombucha, and a brand-new iced tea flavor from Trader Joe's.

TJ fans are hoping this white tea flavor lives up to the peach black tea

As the seasons change, so do the Trader Joe's products on display. Joining the ranks of refreshing TJ's tea flavors is an interesting new addition: sparkling white tea with pomegranate juice, packaged in cans of four. In a recent Instagram post, @traderjoeslist expressed their delight over this new find. "I am excited to try this new tea beverage! With only 10 calories and 3g of sugar (from the pomegranate juice) I am guessing this will be a refreshing summer time drink!" they said, adding that they also enjoyed TJ's previous pineapple and peach versions of the drink. 

Fellow Trader Joe's enthusiasts shared their thoughts in the comment section. "Oh I'm excited about this," one user wrote, while another shared, "Just picked these up today. I can't wait to try it!" Meanwhile, another camp of TJ's fans remain stubbornly loyal to another tea flavor at the chain. "It's really good, but the peach black tea is still the best," one user wrote. Another commented, "When is the peach coming back?! My store has been sold out for weeks."