Twitter Is Cracking Up At Guy Fieri's Rebrand Suggestion For Elon Musk

As you may have noticed, Elon Musk has been all over social media regarding his recent Twitter escapades. According to CBC, Musk offered to buy every share of unowned Twitter stock for $54.20, equating to a price tag that exceeds $43 billion. The news has ruffled some feathers across a few sectors, and some analysts are calling this business decision a "hostile takeover." Many have reacted to Musk's financial decision to buy the social media platform with disdain, while others are all for it, but there is a select group who have found the humor in the situation — and Guy Fieri is one of them.

Fieri took to Twitter with a massive rebrand concept, and he personally asked Musk to see to the change. Fieri's tweet reads, "Hey @elonmusk I have a @twitter rebrand idea to run by you..." and is followed up with an image of the Twitter logo sporting Fieri's signature spikey hair. Followers certainly appreciate the joke and can't seem to hold back their comments.

Fans are loving Fieri's redesign of the blue Twitter bird

The Twitter thread quickly picked up steam with fans showing love for Fieri's suggested Twitter logo. The official Reddit account responded, saying, "Where do we sign?" 

One tweeter approved of Fieri's ambition saying, "Always looking to spread your wings," while another suggested a potential improvement by asking "Sunglasses??" Others took the opportunity to crack jokes with comments like "I would like to purchase stock in flavor twitter," "Instead of 'Quote tweets' it becomes 'Flavor Tweets," and "My Guy is trying to upgrade from 'FlavorTown' to 'FlavorVerse.'"

While many stand with Guy Fieri over the redesign, Musk's move to purchase the social media platform has divided the user base of Twitter. According to USA Today, some have said that no single individual should own a media platform as big as Twitter, while others stand with the Tesla mogul in his decision to buy the social media network. 

Everyone on social media has an opinion and this isn't the first time it's involved a celebrity chef and a billionaire. In fact, back in December of 2021 Instagram was up in arms over Martha Stewart's support of Elon Musk. Opinions aside, Twitter users have concurred that Fieri might have just come up with the most original logo for Twitter's new phase of existence.