The Zesty Hot Dog You Can Find At Nationals Park

Take me out to the ball game... and not just for the thrilling homers, strikes, and RBIs, but for the incredible eats, too! From April through October, baseball parks across the country are teeming with fans hungry for victory as well as iconic foods that have been embedded into American culture. When you think of spending the day at a baseball game, there's no shame in admitting you're wondering what you'll eat next than the numbers on the scoreboard.

From peanuts and Cracker Jack to baskets of cheesy nachos to cones of cotton candy bigger than your head to walking tacos and so much more, you'll never find a shortage of menu items that are quintessential to America's pastime. Some of today's best MLB ballpark foods include chicken sandwiches, burrito bowls, grilled cheese, Italian beef, funnel cake poutine, and chili, according to Thrillist. There is, however, one food that has defined stadium grub no matter the city or venue: the hot dog. Truly, there are few things better than chowing down on a frankfurter at a ballpark. And at the home of the Washington Nationals, there's a zesty creation that's been shaped by a fixture of the D.C. food scene.

Baseball fans can indulge in a Ben's Chili Dog at Nationals Park

If you ever find yourself at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., you can also find a special hot dog style: the Ben's Chili Dog, which is essentially an old-fashioned grilled hot dog with mustard, onions, and spicy chili from D.C.-famous Ben's Chili Bowl generously piled on top, per Ballpark Digest. Founded in 1958, Ben's Chili Bowl has been dubbed a beloved staple when it comes to serving homemade chili and half-smokes — a D.C. delicacy that's basically a spicier version of a classic hot dog made with a blend of coarse ground beef and pork, according to the US capitol's official website. Typically, this type of sausage is smoked, cut length-wise, and grilled.

The official MLB website highlights even more tasty treats you can enjoy at Nationals Park, including soft-serve ice cream in a novelty helmet, an Italian sausage garnished with savory onions and peppers, a pepper-packed bánh mì dog, and chicken tinga nachos. Those searching for a Ben's Chili Dog, in particular, can grab one (or two) at a few different locations throughout Nats Park while cheering for the home team.