What Do You Remember About The Brady Bunch Kitchen?

If you remember all the words to "The Brady Bunch" theme song, you likely have oodles of fond memories of 4222 Clinton Way and the family that called it home. This is the house where Bobby created a flood of laundry soap bubbles and where Jan got her first pair of glasses. It's the home where Peter joined the Sunflower Girls, and a football flattened Marcia's nose and it's as familiar to 1970s kids as Weebles and Nerf balls. Young fans across the nation dreamed of hanging out with their favorite Brady within its hallowed walls. 

Sure, nearly every American girl wanted an ultra-feminine room just like the one that the Brady sisters shared. Boys coveted the masculine lair of Greg, Peter, and Bobby. The living room was spacious and their staircase was "far out." Even the backyard was the epitome of fun. But the most beloved part of the entire Brady home was Alice's sanctuary — the earthy-toned and exceptionally groovy kitchen. 

Interestingly, neutral and earth tones were trending in the 2021 kitchen, and we can't help but wonder how many took inspiration from the famous Brady design.

The kitchen was the hub of the house

What was so special about the Brady's kitchen? In much the same way that Alice was the glue that held this crazy "bunch" together, the kitchen could be described as the nucleus of the household. It was the place where the family came together to talk, laugh, and eat a steady diet of pork chops and apple sauce. And if this walk down memory lane has you craving the popular Brady dinner, you can try this easy pork chop and apple skillet recipe.

Yet, even without all that mushy family bonding stuff, "The Brady Bunch" kitchen was awesome. Even with earth tones back in style, few might actually opt for an eclectic color palette of bright orange, avocado green, and chocolate brown, but it was perfectly en vogue in the 70s. After all, this was an era of extremes. Pant legs were wider than runways, platform shoes added inches upon inches to the height of both men and women, and disco music had everyone dressed in far-out apparel. Wild was in and, by comparison, the Brady's carefully color-coordinated kitchen was super dreamy. 

The Brady's had an indoor barbecue

Orange laminate aside, this kitchen also has some fabulous features. Talk about ample cupboard space! There are literally cabinets everywhere. And all of that glorious counter space is enough to make participants on "House Hunters" jealous. The back countertop showcases an envy-worthy collection of kitchen appliances, many of which were never needed, and groovy gadgets. There's even an island, which is impressive because this is before kitchen islands were cool.

The presence of an indoor barbecue — a nifty 60s invention — makes this a kitchen for all seasons (per Kitchen Cabinet Kings). And, seriously, who hasn't scoured their elderly relatives' homes for an avocado breadbox, a retro set of canisters, or a wall-mounted spice rack just like the ones Alice used? 

Whether you miss the precious moments that the Brady clan shared within its walls or it was the bold décor, itself, that brings back happy memories, we can all agree that "The Brady Bunch" kitchen was truly one-of-a-kind. And if revisiting this treasured childhood memory doesn't get you singing "It's a story of a man named Brady..." nothing will. Not even a football to the face.