A Menu From The Titanic Sold For A Staggering Amount Of Money

Many people are familiar with the lavish lifestyle of first-class passengers on the Titanic, thanks to the award-winning Hollywood film (via IMDb). Not only did they have access to an inclusive gymnasium and a Turkish bath, but they also ate like royalty. In modern times, seafood doesn't come with a cheap tag, nor did it back in the day. At breakfast, guests were served Finnan haddock and grilled mutton kidneys (via Irish Central). And on the Titanic's final dinner menu were dishes such as oysters and filet mignon lili, according to Pop Sugar.

So what exactly did it take to be allowed into these exclusive dinner parties? According to Money, the most expensive ticket was for a three-room suite that cost $2,560, which converts to a value greater than $61,000 today. But recently, the last first-class lunch menu from the Titanic was bought for a price even higher than that.

The menu sold for more than a first-class ticket

According to TIME, the last first-class lunch menu was recently bought for $88,000 at an online auction. The menu had formerly belonged to Abraham Lincoln Salomon, a survivor of the tragedy (via CNN). Salamon, as well as other first-class passengers, had access to a 10-course meal, which featured menu items like oysters, salmon, chicken, lamb, duckling, and squab.

The menu from the ship's last night detailed an exquisite lineup of food. It included filets of brill and cockie leekie as entrees, as well as Waldorf pudding and eclairs for dessert. There also was a buffet option that had selections ranging from potted shrimps, soused herrings, brawn, and corned ox tongue. Although this menu is now in the possession of a private collector, those interested in the history of the ship and its historic voyage can look at resources like The Titanic Artifact Exhibition as the ship's journey reaches its 110th anniversary this year.