The Truth About The World's Most Expensive Sushi Roll

Every once in a while, we all deserve to splurge on a fancy dinner. Perhaps you're someone who craves lobster on special occasions. Maybe you're more inclined to order the juiciest steak paired with the biggest goblet of wine from the hottest restaurant in town. If you're a self-proclaimed sushi aficionado, you're likely well aware that some unique styles of sushi can be more extravagant than others.

Sushi is an indulgence with Asian roots enjoyed by people all around the world — and it tends to fill bellies as quickly as it thins wallets. Why does this classic rice-based dish tend to be so costly? According to Spoon University, the price of sushi probably depends on several factors, including the supply and demand of seafood, the location, and the overall quality of the ingredients.

Next time you treat yourself to a nice sushi lunch or dinner and get the check, keep this upcoming fun fact in mind before you scoff too much at the total.

The world's most expensive sushi roll cost nearly $2,000

The most exorbitant sushi roll ever created has a price tag equivalent to a month's worth of rent or a down payment on a car for some people. Possibly one of the sparkliest sushi dishes in history, it was constructed in June 2010. To this day, it is also the most expensive sushi on record, according to the official organization that tracks human achievements, both mundane and extraordinary.

According to Guinness World Records, this fishy feat was accomplished by Angelito Araneta, Jr., a chef from the Philippines. Chef Araneta's bedazzled five-piece nigiri plate comes garnished with .20-carat diamonds and 24-karat gold leaf, per Persuitist. The sushi was worth a whopping 91,800 Philippine Pesos — the equivalent of $1,978.15. In 2012, Araneta put another glitzy spin on sushi. Instead of simply remaking his record-setting nigiri, he decorated a gold-wrapped, five-piece sushi roll with diamonds and pearls (via Alamy). The chef's gorgeous works of culinary art are often commissioned for marriage proposals. Angelito's expert eye for glamorous eats has even earned him the fitting nickname "Karat Chef."