Instagram Has The Feels About Robert Irvine's Family Pic

We have long loved chef Robert Irvine for his big heart and generous contributions to various causes. Though we mostly see his work with struggling restaurants on his Food Network show, "Restaurant: Impossible," Irvine does most of his charity work offscreen. He also gives back to U.S. veterans, first responders, and others in need.

As part of giving back, he created the Robert Irvine Foundation to provide food and financial assistance for military and healthcare personnel and their families. Irvine's wife, Gail Kim, serves on the foundation's board of directors now that she has retired from professional wrestling.

Although his two daughters have chosen paths unrelated to cooking, they are contributing to the world in their own ways. According to Hollywood Mask, Irvine's oldest daughter, Annalise, is training to be a speech-language pathologist, and his youngest daughter, Talia, is interning with an alternative sentencing unit. The Irvine girls have certainly inherited their dad's compassion. 

Easter blessings from the Irvine family

In honor of Easter, Robert Irvine posted a family photo on Instagram. The photo shows Irvine giving his wife, Gail, a piggyback ride, while his two daughters walk alongside them. Irvine wrote in the caption, "Happy Easter to all who celebrate. From my family to yours, I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day." The post collected more than 15,800 likes and nearly 300 comments from fans returning the sentiment as of this writing. Some simply wished the "beautiful family" a happy holiday, while others thanked Irvine for doing what he does.

One fan wrote, "You're one of my Food Network faves! Inspiring, Watch you all the time." Another said, "You're a good human." A third commented, "Always enjoyed your shows, your talent, humor, and people skills." A few others complimented the family on their love and their successes. One wrote, "Congrats to all fathers who raise their girls to be powerhouses." Another said, "Thank you for all you do to help people."