Hostess Just Dropped New Chocolate-Mint Mini Cakes

When you hear the brand name "Hostess," your mind might immediately jump to the Twinkie, one of the most iconic snack cakes out there. But Hostess makes many more snacks than just Twinkies. We're talking classics like Donettes, Ding Dongs, Zingers, and Honey Buns (via Hostess Brands). And while all of those are soft snack cakes, one of the most recent additions to the brand is the line of Hostess Cr!spy Minis, which are crispy snack cakes that feature layers of flavored cream filling, chocolate, and wafers. Cr!spy Minis only launched in 2021, and they're already adding a new flavor. 

In a press release, Hostess Brands announced the arrival of Mint Chocolate Hostess Cr!spy Minis (via PR Newswire). These snack cakes feature wafer cookies that are layered together with "creamy refreshing mint filling" and topped with chocolate. The crispy-creamy snack cakes are made with real mint, real cocoa, and don't contain artificial colors, flavors, or high-fructose corn syrup. They'll come in a 7.3 ounce package with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $3.49, and are showing up on store shelves now.

Mint Chocolate joins two other flavors of Cr!spy Minis

So far, there are two other flavors of Hostess Cr!spy Minis available, Strawberries & Creme and Cookies & Creme. According to the Hostess Brands General Manager, "Consumers are increasingly craving multitextured snacks," and that's what inspired the brand to release these treats that combine crispy wafers with a thick creamy filling.

We haven't found reviews of the new mint and chocolate flavor of Cr!spy Minis yet, but fans of the snack's other flavors have taken to Twitter with their positive feedback. "Easily the best thing Hostess ever made and just what I wanted," said one snacker, who compared the petite pastries to Loacker Quadratini wafers. Another fan noted, "Hostess snapped on these Crispy Minis, the cookies and cream ones are FIRE." Still another person claimed that they loved the Cr!spy Minis, but enjoyed Voortman wafer cookies more — which are also made by Hostess. It sounds like the brand is working on perfecting the wafer snack, and so far they have a number of positive reviews to show for it.