Costco's Adorable Taco Set Dropped Just In Time For Cinco De Mayo

There is a reason why people celebrate Taco Tuesday every week instead of just on National Taco Day — tacos are simply too delicious and too much fun to celebrate only once every 365 days. And why not enjoy this easy-to-make and easy-to-love Mexican street food all year long on any day that you wish? Doing so is nothing if not authentic, according to Professor Steven Alvaraz, who teaches a multi-disciplinary "Taco Literacy" class at St. John's University. "Among Mexican folks, the idea that one day of the week could be reserved for tacos is ridiculous," Dr. Avarez points out, per Thrillist. "We don't need to call it 'Taco Tuesday;' we just call it 'Tuesday.'"

If you're as committed to tacos as Dr. Alvarez appears to be or if you just covet some seriously adorable and highly functional dinnerware, then you'll want to know about the new six-piece taco set that Costco recently dropped. It's here in time for any day on which the craving for tacos may strike, but also just before Cinco de Mayo, the American celebration of Mexican culture that grew out of a small celebration held in certain regions of Mexico to commemorate Mexico's military victory in 1862 in the Battle of Puebla (via Snopes).

This indestructible taco set also boasts low-key cultural relevance

Attention taco lovers with Costco memberships! According to the Instagram influencer Costco Aisles, the discount warehouse giant is now selling a private-label version of Prepara's six-piece taco set. In case you're not familiar with Prepara, it's a New York-based brand of stylish kitchenware products that are designed to be "ingenious, novel, and utilitarian," as Prepara notes on its Facebook page. True to its manufacturer's claims, this particular taco set is ingeniously functional, consisting of four individual wave-design taco holders that each hold three tacos, a three-compartment serving tray designed for generous portions of taco fixings, and a reversible 10-inch tortilla warmer that will accommodate up to three tortillas, depending on which side you're using.

But perhaps best of all, this particular taco set manages to be both sturdy and culturally relevant because it's made of nearly unbreakable melamine that bears what one commenter noted was a traditional Talavera-style pattern. Talavera is a type of Mexican pottery with ancient roots in the state of Puebla — which just happens to be the site of the Battle of Puebla honored by Cinco de Mayo celebrations (per History). At present, this six-piece taco set does not appear to be available on Costco's website, but judging from Costco Aisles' Instagram post, you should be able to find it in Costco stores while supplies last.