TikTok Is Loving Reese Witherspoon's Cake For Jennifer Garner's Birthday

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner have been friends for years and when it comes to celebrating each other's birthdays, the duo have been known to go above and beyond to let each other know how loved they are. Who could forget Garner's special birthday saxophone serenade?

The tradition continued this year, with Garner sharing a video to Instagram of a wooden bowl she gifted Reese — that she personally handcrafted herself. So naturally, when Garner's 50th rolled around earlier this week, Witherspoon took to TikTok to show that she was also pulling out all the stops to make an extra special birthday video for her bestie.

"Do you guys know it's a national holiday? It's actually Jennifer Garner's birthday!," the "Big Little Lies" star gleefully exclaims from her kitchen. She then shares that in honor of her friend, she's baking a special Hummingbird cake from scratch and filming the entire process like a fake cooking program — a fitting tribute to her Garner's beloved Instagram video series, "Pretend Cooking Show." The clip continues with a hilarious fast-paced sequence of Witherspoon, who admits on camera that baking isn't her strong suit, doing her best to assemble the cake, all set to the song "Eye Of The Tiger." 

To make the tribute even more personal, as she waits for the dessert to bake, Witherspoon shows herself watching "13 Going on 30," the movie that made Garner a household name.

Witherspoon's sweet tribute has Garner 'beside herself'

Jennifer Garner certainly had no shortage of shout-outs on her special day, but Reese's sweet birthday cake demo was clearly a standout. Even though the two are notorious for giving each other birthday shoutouts through the years, Garner was still as surprised as ever by Witherspoon's video, writing in an Instagram comment that it left her absolutely "beside herself." She also called the cake "the most important work of art between ever and ever."

Fans were just as delighted by Witherspoon's birthday tribute, with exploding heart emojis and countless replies on the video for the duo's sweet friendship. "This is the best!" commented one user. "I love these two as besties it's too sweet" added another. You are so cute well done girl."

A few others expressed admiration for Witherspoon's determination to make a homemade dessert despite her proclaimed lack of baking skills, with one user sharing, "I want a friend like YOU! The fact that you made everything from scratch! That's [a] love language." Another professed that the video had made them an even bigger fan of Witherspoon, concluding, "Okay, I officially love you now. You must be the best friend anyone could have." We're pretty sure Garner would agree!

And if you're inspired by this sweet gesture but lack baking skills, try these easy desserts that are sure to impress your bestie.