What Catering Looks Like Behind The Scenes On TV Sets, According To Niecy Nash - Exclusive

Feeding a massive cast and crew on a television or movie set takes a ton of planning and work. According to No Film School, top-notch producers should aim to provide high-quality catering options with a ton of variety. Sets also have to cater to vegetarians and others with particular food preferences or allergies, the food should always be hot, and coffee and water should always exist on hand. Above all, anyone striving to create the ultimate on-set catering menu needs to avoid staples like pizza and go big or go home.

Over the course of her career, actress, comedian, and personality Niecy Nash has tried a ton of on-set catering, and some options easily rank above the others. Nash sat down with Mashed for an exclusive interview and delved into her experience of eating on set. She remembered some particularly fond memories and even noted where she had her favorite on-set meal ever.

Nash has several favorite catering memories

"One of my favorite caterers was in New Orleans," Niecy Nash told Mashed. "This was before the pandemic and this particular company loved what they did so much that they would literally make homemade sauces. It got to the point where we were like, 'Can you make some and put it in a jar so we could take it home?' New Orleans has some of the best food. I really enjoyed the catering down there, and now we're in a situation where everything has to be boxed and put together for safety protocols. When I say back in the day, I mean two years ago. The caterer was top notch."

While Nash experienced some seriously good catering while shooting down in New Orleans, one particular moment blew the actress away.

"I was always working on my birthday and catering would always ask me what I wanted to eat for my birthday," Nash continued. "I would always, without a doubt, say seafood. They would do a huge spread, almost like a boil, a seafood boil. All the seafood, hot, cold, and they would do an ice sculpture of me, which made everything taste better, if you asked me. It was a ... definitely a great food memory."

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