Starbucks Japan's New Banana-Inspired Drinks May Make You Jealous

Not only do gorgeous, pink-hued cherry blossoms blooming in Japan make for excellent photo opportunities, but the annual event also signals the arrival of seasonal Starbucks drinks you can only find in Asia. According to Time Out, back in February Starbucks Japan launched a Sakura Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino and a Sakura Blooming Milk Latte in addition to a Sakura doughnut to commemorate the occasion. Now, that spring is well underway, Starbucks Japan has released some new fit-for-summer seasonal menu items.

According to Japan Today, drinks with a banana base, like banana milk and banana smoothies, are gaining popularity in the country. Naturally, Starbucks is doing what it does best — taking a popular trend and running with it. The chain is launching two new limited-time Frappuccinos in Japan, and Americans may experience some real Frapp FOMO when they hear the details on these envy-invoking drinks. Not only do the new Frappuccinos have cute, playful names, but they are also made with real bananas and have fun, photo-worthy toppings.

These two new Starbucks Japan Frappuccino's are fun to order

Earlier this month, Starbucks Japan released two tongue-twisting beverages, and while it might be entertaining to order them, there's nothing funny about the way they taste. Per Sora News 24, the Bananana Banana Frappuccino and the Chocolate Bananana Banana Frappuccino (say that two times, fast!) are akin to a "Japanese Summer festival in a cup."

The outlet reports that the real banana pulp adds "a fresh and fruity flavor to the mix that'll make banana lovers swoon." The regular flavor even comes sprinkled with bright-yellow chocolate toppings, some in the shape of oh-so-cute mini bananas. Sora News 24 explains that the chocolate banana Frap is actually inspired by a popular summer festival treat in Japan, chocolate-covered banana pops, and the drink is chocolatey with whipped cream and colorful, chocolate candy toppings. 

As if those two drinks weren't enough to make U.S. residents swoon, Starbucks Japan also has some baked banana treats. According to Entabe, the chain is offering a trio of dainty, banana flower cakes, including delicious-sounding strawberry, mango, and chocolate varieties. There's a banana cream donut available at Starbucks Japan, too. Hopefully, for American Starbucks-goers craving a banana fix, the chain will introduce something similar stateside, but until then, you'll need a plane ticket if you want to try out the new banana Frappuccino flavors.