Here's What Type Of Meat Chef Fabio Viviani Uses To Make Italian Meatballs

While making a ball of meat should, in theory, be a simple thing to do, there seems to be a lot of "secrets" for perfect meatballs. These tricks of the trade usually get passed down through generations, and most declare their grandma's meatballs as the best because she crushes everything by hand or adds a tiny bit of an unexpected spice. If you don't have a family recipe to guide you, there are a few general tips to get you started.

One aspect to consider is how to bind the meat together. Taste of Home recommends making your own breadcrumbs for the tastiest result. No one likes a dry or tough meatball, so in order to counteract the protein shrinking when meat is cooked, add milk to your breadcrumbs before you mix everything together (via The Kitchn). Those are a few general tips, but the big question remains of which protein or mix of proteins to use. According to Chef Fabio Viviani, lauded restaurateur and creator of the new JARS by Fabio Viviani, it's common practice to use a combination of beef, pork, and veal, but he has his own strong opinions that stray from the norm.

Chef Fabio Viviani's meatballs are 100% beef

Florence native Chef Fabio Viviani first shared his Italian cuisine and vibrant personality with America when he was on Season 5 of "Top Chef." While he did not win the competition, his memorable personality won him the title of "Fan Favorite" (via Bravo). He is still a TV personality to this day, sharing his recipes on talk shows and his own YouTube channel — and of course a restaurateur behind spots like Osteria and Siena Tavern. One of the first recipes he shared in his YouTube series "Fabio's Kitchen" was for meatballs in tomato sauce, and he explained the basis of the recipe in an exclusive interview with Mashed.

Viviani told Mashed that he only uses beef to make his meatballs, and he has a specific reason for it. "So, beef, if you look at fat content ratio, first of all, the principle is, a meatball has to be juicy," he shared. "What's juicier, a nice piece of beef or a piece of pork? Beef. What is juicier, beef or veal? Beef, again." He further explained that adding other meat to the mix hampers the meatball's ability to achieve maximum juiciness, so, in his opinion, it's superfluous. "Pork and veal [are] just unnecessary bragging rights. By cutting your meatball with pork or veal, you only dilute the ability of the meatball to be nice and juicy." And nobody wants that outcome!