The Best Mountain Dew Flavor, According To 52% Of People

Alongside big players in the soda industry like Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, and Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew has been more of a niche name — but it's one that's developed quite the cult following over the years. According to manufacturer Pepsi's website, Mountain Dew was invented in the Tennessee mountains back in the 1940s and was later bought by PepsiCo in the 1960s, when it really took off nationwide. If you've never tried it, people claim the original flavor tastes like a fruitier version of lemon-lime Sprite (via Eat Delights).

Since it first came out, Mountain Dew has released a bunch of new and unique flavors, too. Along with Diet Mountain Dew and Mountain Dew Zero Sugar, there's Mountain Dew Flamin' Hot, Major Melon, Voltage, and Code Red, just to name a few. Of all the varieties, which one is the most popular? To find out, Mashed polled 594 people across the United States on their favorite Mountain Dew flavor. Here's the one that more than a half of respondents said is the best of the best.

The original Mountain Dew is still the crowd favorite

While Mountain Dew has experimented with some wild flavors in its time, it seems that people keep coming back to the classic. According to Mashed's poll results, the original Mountain Dew is by far the best flavor, garnering 52.69% of respondents' votes. There are 290 calories in a 20-ounce bottle of Mountain Dew, along with 91 mg of caffeine (which is higher than most other sodas). People love it, though, based on thousands of reviews and the fact that it even has its own Subreddit. "My day would not be bright without my Mountain Dew, it's liquid gold in a can," one Walmart shopper wrote, while another added it tastes like "rainbows and unicorns."

How do the other Mountain Dew flavors stack up in the reader poll? Baja Blast was far behind in second place, receiving 18.18% of the votes, followed by Code Red with 11.11% and Voltage with 6.4%. Major Melon and Baja Punch were neck and neck with each other in the next ranking, earning 5.22% and 5.05%, respectively. Unfortunately for Baja Flash — which was released for a limited time in 2021 — it was the least favorite Mountain Dew flavor, with only 1.35% of respondents choosing it as their go-to.