Costco Fans Are Pumped For The Return Of Its Almond Poppyseed Muffins

Muffins have gotten a bit of a bad rep for being the inferior version of cupcakes (even though the two are wildly different). But even if you are pro-frosting, you have to admit that muffins can still hold their own in the pastry world. They can take on a variety of flavors like blueberry and chocolate chip, and can be turned into a savory treat as well, all of which pair great with your morning coffee or tea. Muffins are also fairly easy to make, with some packaged mixes simply requiring the addition of milk or water before being thrown in the oven. However, if baking isn't quite your strong suit, you can turn to your local Costco to get your muffin fix without the fuss.

The grocer's muffins are often touted as one of the stars of the big-box retailer's bakery and now, a fan-favorite flavor has made its way back into select Costco stores. The chain is once again selling almond poppyseed muffins, which Instagram user @costcohotfinds spotted earlier this week in their local Costco store.

Taking to their page on April 21, the Instagrammer shared a video alerting followers of the returning muffin flavor, which is sold in six-count containers that are priced at 2 for $8.99. They also shared how they eat their almond poppyseed muffins — air fried and slathered in honey butter — making many shoppers excited to grab a box for themselves.

Costco shoppers are drooling over the grocer's almond poppyseed muffins

Costco's muffins have won the hearts of many of its members, with one shopper on Reddit going as far to say that they would fight anybody that "doesn't love the poppyseed muffins from Costco." Therefore, when the chain's bakery started pulling a few of its precious muffin flavors, including the almond poppyseed, from shelves a few years back, shoppers were understandably sad. Fortunately, it looks like the flavor's period of absence has come to an end, as Costco-obsessed Instagrammer @costcohotfinds found containers of almond poppyseed muffins stocked in their local Costco bakery this week, delighting many of the grocer's fans.

The baked good's return has, unsurprisingly, delighted many of the grocer's fans including one Instagram user who said they "literally drooled" at @costcohotfind's post about the muffins. "Oh they are so good. Been years!!!!" a second user quipped, while others tagged friends to alert them of the muffin's return.

You may not be able to find the product depending on your location. As many Instagrammers pointed out in the comments section, this variety of the grocer's beloved bakery item is predominantly produced for West Coast warehouses — though @costcohotfinds noted that you may be able to speak to one of the bakery employees and request that they get stocked in your store. In the unfortunate event your request is denied, you can also give this copycat Costco almond poppy seed muffin recipe a try.