Amazing Savory Muffins You Have To Try

When you think of muffins, your first thoughts might be of blueberry or even chocolate chip. But there's a whole different sort of muffin just waiting for you to experiment with, and that's the savory muffin. If you're looking for something new and different for breakfast, for your lunch, or to serve alongside soup or chili, savory muffins might just be the perfect thing— and we have some amazing ideas.

Bacon-cheddar muffins

You've undoubtedly heard the saying that everything is better with bacon, and that's pretty much 100 percent true — especially for muffins. You will never, ever be stuck in that breakfast rut again if you give these bacon cheddar muffins from The Stay at Home Chef a try. Not only do you use a whole pound of bacon and the bacon drippings, but these muffins will hold up in the freezer. Make an extra batch for those mornings when you just want something savory — and fast — and you can't go wrong. And if you're looking for something that's just a little healthier, this recipe from Over Sixty uses a smaller amount of bacon and skips the bacon fat for a bacon flavor that's still satisfying.

There are some options out there for anyone who's hoping to justify eating bacon muffins with at least a little bit of veg. Homemade Food Junkie has a bacon and cheddar muffin that calls for spinach and dill, and it's the perfect side to go with your lunchtime soup.

Sausage breakfast muffins

Let's be honest. We all love a quick and easy recipe, and breakfast is no exception. Shanty-2-Chic has a recipe that fits the bill perfectly. With only four ingredients, they'll show you how to throw together an awesome sausage and cheese muffin perfect for the morning you're craving something on the savory side. If you're not a fan of taking their Bisquick shortcut, Center Cut Cook has a sausage muffin recipe that combines a wonderfully soft, pancake texture with all the juicy goodness of sausage, and it's made completely from scratch. Top either of these with maple syrup or experiment with different types of breakfast sausage for something that might just be your new go-to.

Pizza muffins

Whether it's for a quick and easy breakfast or an after-school snack, you can't go wrong with pizza. Now, you don't need to settle for just a leftover slice with this recipe for pizza muffins from Bigger Bolder Baking. With just a simple muffin base, this one is packed full of all your favorite flavors from the unmistakeable pizza sauce to mini pepperonis.

Yellow Bliss Road has another option, and this one is for pull-apart pizza muffins. Use the same flaky biscuits you would for pull-apart bread, along with all your favorite pizza toppings, and you might just find you have some disappointed kids on the days you don't pop this one in the oven. Paleo Running Momma has a low-carb, paleo muffin that uses pork or Italian sausage and sun-dried tomatoes for its pizza flavor, and since you'll be using eggs, too, you won't feel guilty about eating this "pizza" for breakfast.

Spinach and cheese muffins

Spinach is one of those vegetables that can work it's way into anything. You can fold this nutritious veggie into a muffin that even the pickiest eater is sure to love. Start with these spinach and cheese muffins from My Fussy Eater. For a different flavor profile, 12 Tomatoes uses feta in their spinach muffins, and if you're watching your fat intake, a low-fat feta will work just as well.

Sometimes, you come across a muffin that looks every bit as beautiful as it tastes, and that's definitely the case with The Candid Appetite's pesto and spinach muffins. They're a lovely green color from the spinach and basil, and they're elegant enough to serve on a tray to your book club, and easy enough to make any night of the week.

Mushroom muffins

Mushrooms are probably one of those foods that you wish you used more often. If you've never thought to put them into muffin form, we're about to solve all your mushroom problems! The Paper Kitchen has a wonderfully simple recipe you can't go wrong with, and it uses button mushrooms, spring onions, and cheddar cheese for a flavor profile that will win over anyone who's on the fence about mushrooms. For something a little more exotic, MycoBoutique has a recipe that uses hedgehog mushrooms in their cornflour-based muffins, and if you're hoping for something that's just right for breakfast, we have you covered there with Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen's tomato and mushroom muffins.

Who doesn't want a great, tasty way to add more good veggies into their diet? Leave a tray of these kale and mushroom muffins on the kitchen counter, and you'll never feel guilty about snacking again. That's always a win!

Cauliflower muffins

No matter how many changes happen in the world, one thing that doesn't change is the eternal fight to get kids to eat their vegetables. Kirbie's Cravings has made that fight at least a little easier, wrapping cauliflower up in bright, cheesy muffins that are soft, delicious, and surprisingly simple. If you're the type to reach for the hot peppers every chance you get, try I Breathe I'm Hungry's cheesy, jalapeno-filled cauliflower muffins. With just as much cheese as cauliflower, you'll forget these are filled with veggies.

And if you're looking for something fun for breakfast, check out this recipe for cauliflower breakfast muffins from Easy Health LLC. With eggs, ham, and an option for peppers and mushrooms, this is a full breakfast in a handy little muffin tin. Easy!

Sweet potato muffins

Sweet potatoes are an incredibly versatile ingredient, and if you haven't been using them, you're missing out. They're the main ingredient in these savory muffins from Feasting on Fruit, and if you're looking for something besides the standard sort of garlic bread to go with your soup, these herb-filled muffins are your muffins. If you're looking for something along the same lines with a bit of a different flavor, Paleo Running Momma has a version that uses almond flour, coconut flour, and coconut oil.

And for a sweet potato muffin with an extra dose of sweetness, try this recipe from She Likes Food. It's not the healthiest with a cup of brown sugar, but every so often, you need to make yourself something extra-special.

Olive muffins

Amazing olives can put the finishing touches on any number of dishes, and muffins are no different. Grab Your Spork put together this recipe for a vegetarian muffin that includes all kinds of amazing things like Kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and feta for a muffin that might be the perfect thing to serve alongside some vegetable soup. AllRecipes has a completely different interpretation on what makes an amazing olive muffin, and their recipe uses a tin of tuna! Odd? For sure. Delicious alongside a bowl of tomato soup? Absolutely!

Olives can stand on their own in a muffin, too. Just take a look at Taste's recipe for a olive and rosemary muffin that uses black olives for the texture and flavor, helped by only a dash of rosemary. And for something slightly different, Gourmande in the Kitchen uses thyme in their olive muffins, and even though they went the mini-muffin route, these are so good you might want to make full-sized versions.

Tomato muffins

Tomato muffins are another great option if you're looking for something to serve alongside soup or a light, nutritious meal you don't want to compromise with something heavy. Mini-muffins are great, too, and My Food Book chose these little versions for their Italian Parm and tomato muffins. Their Italian flavor profile makes them great for alongside your favorite pasta dish, too — garlic bread might just be a thing of the past. Family Friends Food has a similar idea with an Italian profile, but theirs is a kosher version you can also make non-dairy.

Oat and Sesame has a tomato muffin where tomatoes share the spotlight with other veggies like zucchini and corn. And if you're a fan of the unique taste of cherry tomatoes, try this recipe from the BBC for cheese and cherry tomato muffins. Breakfast, brunch, or lunch, these are sure to be a win!

Goat cheese muffins

Goat cheese is on our list of cheeses you should be eating, and packaging it up in muffins is a great way to use it — especially if you're hesitant about this uniquely flavored cheese. If you're ready to experiment, start with this recipe from Tablespoon for some mini muffins made with goat cheese that's perfectly paired with rosemary and red onion. Girl Adulting takes on goat cheese muffins, too, and pairs this fun soft cheese with rosemary and figs for a flavor combination that is a 100 percent adulting win.

And if you're looking for something completely new and out of the box to serve at the next neighborhood get-together, The Kitchn has a recipe for radish and goat cheese muffins that will make everyone ask you not just for the recipe, but for the specifics on just how the heck you came up with that one. You're welcome!

Broccoli muffins

Try your hand at making muffins with this versatile green vegetable and we guarantee that you'll never be disappointed to see a heaping pile of fresh broccoli at the grocery store! Simple Nourished Living has what might be the perfect recipe for anyone who's looking for something tasty, filling, and healthy, as their broccoli muffins are made with quick-cooking oats and green onions, as well as the rest of your standard baking ingredients. And Aggie's Kitchen uses another trendy grain — quinoa — for their broccoli cheese frittata muffins that will bring something completely new to the breakfast table.

Speaking of breakfast, check out these broccoli, cheddar, and hash brown muffins from Slimming Eats for a morning treat that will set you up right, no matter what the day has in store. And if you just want something light, delicious, simple, and straightforward, check out these broccoli and cheddar muffins from Easy Toddler Meals. You probably have everything in your kitchen already, and who doesn't love those recipes?

Chicken muffins

Fruit and veg muffins are great, but if you're looking to replace that sandwich in your lunch with something different, try swapping in a few hearty chicken-filled muffins for an awesome lunch you'll be looking forward to all morning. Primal Palate has a great recipe if you love your chicken hot and spicy, and their egg-filled Buffalo chicken muffins can be made with any kind of hot sauce. Cooking Delight went the spicy route, too, and their muffins are lighter on the egg and get their heat from paprika and small, fresh chilies.

The Bewitchin Kitchen has a chicken muffin they say is a breakfast muffin, but it's great for any time of the day. They're full of chicken, eggs, and spinach, and if you're the type who looks for something to nibble on at around 3 o'clock, whip up a batch of these for some guilt-free snacking. And this recipe on adds a curry flavor to their chicken, makes their muffins with yogurt, and adds some onions on top for good measure.

Fishy muffins

Fish is another one of those foods that's so good for you, you might be looking for fun new ways to add some into your diet. These fish-filled muffins have to be tried to be believed, and trust us, they'll make you into a believer! Good Dinner Mom has created some incredible salmon and cheddar muffins they recommend serving with cream cheese or ricotta, and they're also pretty perfect with a bit of smoked salmon on the side. Make a batch of jumbo muffins, and you'll have your entire lunch squared away!

And if shrimp is more your style, Baker Street has some butter garlic shrimp and cilantro muffins that are guaranteed to be completely unlike anything you'd ever had before. Cook the shrimp before you bake the muffins, and you'll have a savory — and surprising — new use for all those muffin tins collecting dust in the cupboards.