Buddy Valastro Hilariously Pranked Instagram With A Popeyes Chicken Cake

Buddy Valastro is proving that he loves that chicken from Popeyes so much, he can turn their famous sandwiches into a cake to fool even the biggest fan of the fast food chain. The "Cake Boss" is known for making some exceptional desserts, but he takes it up a notch in an Instagram video that has a surprising outcome. The video features former "Masterchef" contestant Nick DiGiovanni who offers up a collaborative challenge to the baker — as DiGiovanni declares, "Let's make a crispy chicken sandwich."

That should have been the first clue something was amiss. After all, Valastro is known for making the sweet stuff. The camera quickly pans to DiGiovanni who throws a Popeyes wrapper in the air and enthusiastically states, "We can do better than this." The celebrity baker couldn't agree more, and the video goes back and forth between the two culinary artists as they mix up chicken, buttermilk, and pickle juice to make their savory creation. But then things get interesting.

The joke's on us - it's cake!

As the Instagram video continues, the camera pans over to Valastro who makes it look like he's actually piecing together a chicken sandwich. Valastro adds some spice and flour to the breading mixture, advising viewers to add, "Whatever seasonings you like, baby!" He then looks to lift a piece of fried chicken from a vat of sizzling oil, describing the end result as "nice and crispy." He and guest chef Nick DiGiovanni then describe how the sandwich is put together with the bun, chicken, pickles and mayo. But when the two come back into the frame to bite into their sandwiches they've made, DiGiovanni spits his out as Valastro exclaims, "Oh look it's cake!" 

It's almost too hard to watch, as the sandwich looks so realistic — that is, until the young chef crumbles it all with his hands. DiGiovanni drops an expletive as he wonders out loud how Valastro pulled off his master trick. As the star baker admitted, "It's fondant." It truly gets us every time!

Instagram loved the prank — the video has received more than 88,000 likes at the time of publication. And DiGiovanni wasn't the only one who was hoodwinked. One follower confessed, "Haha! Totally got me with the chicken sandwich!" And another shared, "Didn't see that coming." That Valastro is always keeping us on our toes!