Costco Ranked Lower Than Walmart On This Consumer Survey

More than two years have passed since the United States first went into lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Obviously, since then, the transition stores were already making toward online accessibility has gone into hyperdrive. But now it's worth considering how well different brands have fared at navigating the transformation. As the headline might just have hinted, Walmart has proven more adept than Costco.

At least, that's the story presented by a recent GOBankingRates survey. In an article explaining their findings, GOBankingRates notes that 42% of Americans prefer Walmart for online shopping. Other stores considered were Target, which had a 31% preference; Costco, which only had a 9% preference; Ikea with 6%; Dollar General with 6%; Dollar Tree with 4%; and Five Below with 2%.

GOBankingRates credited the Walmart+ membership, the same day delivery, and the sheer variety of items Walmart offers for the relative success it found in the online shopping market. If the survey is anything to go by, Walmart has established itself as the physical retail chain with the best digital presence. That means there is one major competitor left for Walmart.

How does Walmart fare against Amazon?

One cannot mention online shopping without including a nod to Amazon. Moreover, the latest pushes at innovation made by Walmart make more sense in the context of competing with Amazon than Costco.

For example, on April 19, Ars Technica covered how Walmart and Alphabet are experimenting with drone delivery. In fact, Walmart has experimented with drone delivery in an Arkansas location since November. The piece also noted that Amazon has failed to move past the testing phase for drones. The framing is one of competition between the two companies and in this case, Walmart is winning.

Similarly, Forbes published a direct comparison of the two in June 2021. The outlet deemed Walmart that little bit superior in financials, retail presence, and sustainability, while Amazon was superior in innovation, customer service, digital growth, and in keeping the ever imperiled supply chain in order. So, here Amazon has edged out to appear superior.