Dunkin' Just Announced The Return Of A Fan-Favorite Coffee Flavor

Some people judge the change of the seasons by differences in the trees and flowers, adjustments in temperature, or the date on the calendar. But real foodies know that the proper way to ring in a new season is by tracking their favorite coffee chain menus to see when their favorite warm-weather drinks are dropping. Spring is officially here, according to the calendar, but it doesn't arrive at Dunkin' until April 27, which is when the chain will begin serving its new spring menu.

On April 26, Dunkin' tweeted, "might bring an old friend back tomorrow, we'll see," and it got fans of the chain into a total tizzy trying to guess which menu item the company was referring to. One person guessed it might be the Coffee Coolatta drink, another suspected a hazelnut treat, and still more contributions included a cookie dough item, the apple cranberry Refresher, and French crullers. It was pure speculation, but then something dramatic happened: Dunkin' decided to make its big reveal a day early. The company shared a customer comment on Instagram, in which a fan of the chain practically begged for a bottle of butter pecan coffee syrup. "Fear not, Megan...butter pecan is back tomorrow," the chain wrote back in the caption, bringing fans of Dunkin' coffee drinks some unexpected good news.

Fans had already guessed at butter pecan's return

Before the big reveal, several Dunkin' fans on Twitter had guessed that the chain's butter pecan swirl coffee syrup was coming back. One person even shared a picture of what appears to be the list of new and returning spring menu items at Dunkin', including instructions for employees. According to the "Dunkin' Early Summer Readiness Notes" the user shared, butter pecan swirl will be back in stores from April 27 through June 21. The notes say that the pecan-flavored syrup can added to "any beverage that allows for a flavor swirl" and reminds employees to stir the drinks well once the flavoring is added.

This wasn't the first leak of the new Dunkin' spring menu. Back in March, another social media user shared news of Dunkin's spring menu possibilities, and sure enough, they reported that butter pecan swirl would be returning, too. Then, Dunkin' itself leaked the news a day early. So, it seems to safe to say that Dunkin' sleuths and lovers of buttery, pecan-scented coffee can all rest easy knowing that on April 27, butter pecan swirl coffee flavoring will officially be back in the building.